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Arimidex - Anastrozole (Estrogen Blocker) 1mg/30tabs - NovoPharm

Arimidex - Anastrozole (Estrogen Blocker) 1mg/30tabs - NovoPharm

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Arimidex (Anastrozole) is one of the most reliable antiestrogens on the market today and is used during steroid cycle to control normal estrogen rate and prevent gynecomastia symptoms.

  • Usage: 0.5-1 mg/day

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Novo-pharm Arimidex – Anastrozole General Description

Arimidex is a drug product of the aromatase inhibitor group. The drug is produced as tablets with the active agent Anastrozole. The drug first appeared in pharmacology in 1995. It was originally used in medicine to treat cancerous tumors in mammary glands with a high estrogen receptor concentration.

Arimidex is almost never recommended to tumor patients today, but the drug is widely used in bodybuilding and other sports by athletes. The primary purpose of using Arimidex is to avoid gynecomastia effects, fluid retention and other adverse reactions associated with estrogen that occur during and after the anabolic drug cycle.

Novo-pharm Arimidex – Anastrozole Benefits

Arimidex has gained a great deal of popularity among training athletes who use anabolic steroids when strengthening their body. Many synthetic testosterone-based drugs cause adverse reactions due to their high aromatization, manifested in the form of gynecomastia, excessive swelling, and accumulation of fluid in muscle tissue. During the cycle itself, Anastrozole prevents these effects.

Through suppressing the negative effects of estrogen and increasing swelling, the aromatase inhibitor increases the definition of each muscle and minimizes setbacks. The drug's action can significantly increase the body's anabolic hormone production. Studies have shown that Anastrozole can suppress estradiol concentration in the body by 50 percent at a dosage of 0.5-1 mg.

Generally speaking, the drug has several positive effects on the body:

  • significant suppression of aromatization in the body – by 80% of the initial value;
  • pronounced inhibitory effect on the aromatase enzyme;
  • blocked estrogens concentration;
  • rapid effect of the drug – the highest concentration of the active agent in the body is observed 2 hours after intake, which makes it possible to suppress aromatization as soon as possible.

For athletes, the aromatase blocker often prevents hypertension, as high blood pressure is often observed during a strongly aromatizing steroid cycle. During such a cycle, the production of natural testosterone in the body often declines dramatically, causing a decrease in athletes' sexual desire and sexual function problems. The aromatase blocker restores the body's normal endogenous male hormone production.

Arimidex is not considered an antiestrogen because it does not restore the body properly. After anabolic androgenic drugs are used during PCT.

Novo-pharm Arimidex – Anastrozole Possible Side Effects

The athlete's general condition benefits from a moderate concentration of estrogen in the male body. Estrogen hormones increase androgen receptor susceptibility and the efficacy of steroid cycles, while anabolic and protective effects characterize the hormones themselves. 

The use of high doses of aromatase inhibitors could lead to unwanted side effects such as slowed down muscle growth, pain in the joints, reduced bone strength, reduced libido and a decrease in the general state of the body, depressed mood, increased cholesterol concentration. Exceeding Arimidex's period of use can result in pronounced hormonal disturbances that have a negative impact on the athlete's overall health. Novo-pharm Arimidex is much more easily tolerated by the body compared to antiestrogens without causing severe side effects.

Novo-pharm Arimidex – Anastrozole Administration and Dosage

In sports, Novo-pharm Arimidex can be used for two purposes, on which the optimal dosage of the drug depends:

  • to prevent possible gynecomastia and other aromatization symptoms – 0.5 mg Arimidex every other day;
  • to eliminate steroid-related adverse reactions (primary, the symptoms of aromatization and estrogen reactions); in this case, 1 mg of the active agent is taken daily until the symptoms disappear, then the dosage of the drug is reduced to the preventive minimum.

A moderate level of female estrogen hormones in the male body fosters muscle growth, so preventive doses are indicated to the amount that allows users to maintain the required concentration of estrogen.

The aromatase inhibitor use period should not exceed 2 weeks. This time is necessary for all positive properties to be manifested. To get the active agent from the digestive tract into the bloodstream quicker, tablets must be taken on an empty stomach while consuming plenty of water.

It is recommended that female athletes avoid Anastrozole because it can cause severe hormonal imbalances that are unwanted for the female body.

Novo-pharm Arimidex – Anastrozole Combined Cycles

Basically, the method of using aromatase inhibitors means that Arimidex is only used when gynecomastia symptoms (itching, redness in the nipple area, swelling of mammary glands) are present. This method, however, is not particularly advisable. Arimidex is best used in a combined cycle, which may look like this:

  1. For a cycle of anabolics with a short half-life (Methandrostenolone, testosterone propiontate) – after 10 days of the cycle users should test for estradiol, while adding 0.5 mg of Anastrozole every 2 days. After 10 days of the cycle, the tests are repeated and the dosage of Arimidex is adjusted accordingly.
  2. For a cycle of steroid drugs with long esters (Sustanon, testosterone cypionate or enanthate) – after 3-4 weeks of the cycle users should test for estradiol, while adding 0.5 mg of the aromatase inhibitor every two days. After 10 days, the tests are repeated and the dosage is adjusted based on the results.

Arimidex doses may be adjusted based on the athlete's personal state of health. If the cycle results in flaccid penile erection, a depressive disorder, a decrease in libido, then the aromatase inhibitor dose must be decreased.

Brand: Novo-Pharm

Substance: Arimidex - Anastrozole

Dosage and packing: 1mg per tab (30 tabs)


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  1. Travis



    On my first Test E cycle, 500mg/week. At some point, nipples became very sensitive. I emailed MG team and was advised to get Arimidex ASAP. They rushed delivery and with Arimidex everything was back to normal. Thanks guy, for taking care of me quickly and efficiently.


    Thank you, guys!

  2. Max



    My first order of Arimidex from this supplier. Properly dosed and effective as it should be. A lot of sources have under-dosed or fake Adex. Don't gamble. Get the real drug from a reliable source.


    reliable source, legit gear

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