Apoxar Accutane - Isotretinoin 10mg/50tabs

Brand: Apoxar, Canada

Substance: Isotretinoin

Dosage and packing: 10 mg/tab (50tabs)

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Apoxar Accutane’s active agent is isotretinoin. Athletes start using the drug during a steroid cycle to prevent or reduce possible acne.



Apoxar Accutane General Description

Apoxar Accutane is a form of vitamin A used for treating severe acne. The drug is used to treat severe cases of acne that don’t respond to other drugs, including antibiotics. The drug’s primary active agent is Isotretinoin. The drug is fat-soluble, so the active agent is stored in fat deposits and is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream. It allows for eliminating acne and preventing its further manifestation, which is why Accutane is used during post-cycle therapy by athletes that use anabolic drugs that produce adverse reactions in the form of acne. Bodybuilding and acneiform rash are closely linked. Engaging in bodybuilding calls for a high-calorie diet, which is one of the main causes behind skin rashes. Anabolic drugs are also often used in sports, which leads to acne. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases, characterized by oily skin, a non-inflammatory form of acne – comedones (black spots), an inflammatory form – pustules (red boils) and further scarring. Acne manifests itself on the skin areas with the most oil glands, so it primarily affects the face, the chest and the back.

Apoxar Accutane Benefits

The effectiveness of Accutane for acne treatment has been scientifically proven. Systemic retinoids have been used in dermatology extensively since the 1970s. The drug produces the following positive effects:
• oil glands are reduced in size;
• cutaneous fatty secretion is suppressed;
• clogging of the pilosebaceous follicle is prevented, which minimizes the development of acne;
• anti-inflammatory action;
• keratinization of skin and stimulation of healing processes are normalized.
Apoxar Accutane can handle any form of acne, as the drug is chemically bound to retinoic acid. The basic principle behind the drug’s action is that it blocks the secretion of the oil glands, thus reducing the production of sebum which helps prevent the development of acne. Scientists have conducted studies using isotretinoin – during testing on 133 patients, 127 were satisfied with the results and got rid of signs of acne. The drug’s effectiveness is 95%, which is quite high. Athletes often use the drug during anabolic-androgenic steroid cycles and post-cycle therapy.
After the active agent of the drug enters the body, its peak concentration is reached after 2-4 hours. Using pills on an empty stomach results in the 20% bioavailability of the drug. Accutane is best absorbed with food, so it is used during meals. When the drug enters the bloodstream, it comes into contact with albumen. The concentration of the active agent is higher in the bloodstream than in the tissues. The drug produces a wide range of effects after ingestion:
• antiseborrheic;
• sebostatic;
• anti-inflammatory;
• immunomodulatory;
• keratomodulating.
Positive results of Accutane’s usage are observed during extensive use. The drug tends to stimulate the regeneration of the skin. The main principle behind Accutane’s action concerns its effect on the composition of skin secretions, which minimizes their production and ensures rapid excretion from the skin glands. The anti-inflammatory effect is aimed at relieving inflammation around the oil glands in cases of acne, which allows for even complexion. The keratomodulating effect is based on the normalization of the cell renewal process and the prevention of blockage of the skin glands.
The use of Accutane results in decreased functioning of oil glands, which leads to the narrowing of the ducts and a decrease in their number. The drug shows excellent efficiency even in cases of such severe forms of acne as nodulocystic acne, acne conglobata and scarring acne. During the cycle it’s recommended to avoid cosmetic procedures like skin smoothing and others, as this can provoke the manifestation of scars.

Apoxar Accutane Possible Side Effects

Exceeding Accutane dosages can lead to negative adverse reactions. Such manifested side effects are temporary and disappear after discontinuation of the drug’s usage. Some of the most common adverse reactions include dry skin of the face and body, dryness of the nasal mucosa, which can cause nosebleeds, cheilitis – dryness of the the skin around the lips, dry eyes, which can lead to conjunctivitis and complicate the use of contact lenses, sore throat resulting in hoarseness. It is necessary to use appropriate cosmetic and medicinal solutions to minimize these negative reactions. Such solutions may include moisturizing lip balm, oil for the nasal mucosa, drops for dry eyes, moisturizing cream for the face and body. Some may experience a depressive state of mind during the cycle, manifesting in increased irritability, despondency, high fatigue, problems with concentration, impaired attention.

Apoxar Accutane Administration and Dosage

Apoxar Accutane usage is a must for professional competing bodybuilders and beginner athletes. Elimination of acne during post-cycle therapy is an urgent task that this drug can handle in a single cycle. The isotretinoin usage regimen is calculated individually for each patient. It is necessary to take pills during meals once or twice a day for maximal assimilation of the drug. The daily usage is at 0.5-1 mg/kg of athlete's bodyweight per day. For example, the maximum daily dosage for a person weighing 100 kg would be at 100 mg. The average duration of the drug cycle is six to nine months, depending on the severity of damage to the skin. In most cases, acne disappears after a single cycle. Other cases concerning the repeated use of steroids may require another cycle of Accutane.

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