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Weight Loss Blends

  • Buy Novo-Pharm Xtralean 150mg 50 tabs

    XtraLean (Fat Loss Blend) 150mg/50tabs - NovoPharm

    NovoPharm Xtralean - Weight Loss Blend: Caffeine 75mg, Nicotine 1mg, Yohimbine 5mg, Albuterol 5mg per tablet, 50 tablets 

    • Promotes Fast Fat Loss
    • Provides Extreme Strength
    • Retains Lean Muscle
    • Usage: 150-300 mg/day 

    Increases Strength

    Improves Sex Drive

    Muscle Gains

  • Buy YCZ Apoxar Canada Weight Loss

    YCZ (Yohimbine+Clen+T3) Weight Loss Blend - Apoxar

    YCZ - Apoxar weight loss blend of Yohimbine 5mg, Clen 50mcg, T3 12.5mcg. 50 tablets per bottle.

    Increases Strength

    Improves Sex Drive

    Muscle Gains

  • Buy Helios online

    Helios (Weight Loss) 55.5mg/50tabs - Innovagen

    Innovagen Helios tablet contains:

    50mg Caffeine
    2.5mg Yohimbine
    2.5mg Albuterol
    0.5mg Nicotine

    - Causes surge of energy, increases endurance, increased strength, speeds up metabolism, accelerates recovery processes after workout

    - treats erectile dysfunction and stimulate male libido, promotes weight loss, suppresses appetite, effective fat burner

    - elevates mood by increasing domapine production

    - dosage 1-3 tablets daily

    Increases Strength

    Improves Sex Drive

    Muscle Gains


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