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Lilly Pharmaceuticals is an American multi-billion pharmaceutical company that operates on the market since the year 1876. Lilly has never positioned itself as a sports pharma company, but athletes definitely can benefit from one of its most popular products - Insulin.

Lilly Humalog

Humalog is a generic synthetic Insulin. The only difference is that Humalog is cheaper. Lilly still manages to make almost 3 billion dollars of profits from it, though.

Why Athletes Need Insulin

Unless you have diabetes, you definitely can live without Insulin and either go naturally or stick to other performance enhancement compounds. However, there are two reasons for such impressive sales of authentic Lilly Humalog in Canada:

  1. Insulin can give you better endurance during the workouts and better oxygen supply to the muscle;

  2. In the right dosage and under the right consequences, Insulin can make your fat melt. Yes, the substance that is responsible for fat gaining can improve your overall physique.

One more thing! Even though authentic Lilly Humalog that you can legally buy in Canada is entirely safe, you STILL should be extra careful: Insulin itself in any form can mess your health up even worse than several Anabolic Steroids.

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