EQ is one of the oldest injectable steroids, it's been on the market for over 70 years now — since the 1940s. Equipoise side effects are well-known to the community and are — frankly — rather easy to counter. Here’s all you need to know about EQ and the right PCT after it. 

How Equipoise Works

Before we get to the side effects — let’s discuss why you get them in the first place. EQ — or Boldenone — is an anabolic-androgenic steroid. If you need to put it on the power scale, the right place would be somewhere around Dianabol. The only differences are, 

  1. Boldenone is injectable, not oral, as Dbol;
  2. It’s slightly less powerful;
  3. But stays active for a longer period. 

In terms of chemical structure the two compounds are nearly identical. Here’s why you get sides: 

  • It’s a steroidal compound that affects your hormonal system; 
  • It’s low on the androgenic side, but still — androgenic;
  • It’s relatively harmless in comparison with other gear (think Halo or Sdrol), but still way more impactful than your body can withstand without drawbacks. 

After all, EQ has effects all around your body, not just in the muscle tissue. If you need a selective effect — take SARMs (that also have side effects though). 

Is it a reason to skip EQ completely? No, it’s not, and you’ll understand why when you see the side effects list. 

EQ Side Effects List

One by one, here are the most reported side effects Equipoise can give you: 

  • Oily skin;

  • Acne;

  • Temporary troubled erections;

  • Gynecomastia;

  • Testosterone suppression. 

Of course the full list would be longer but these are the most common side effects. 

Understanding Boldenone Side Effects

When we say that these are the most common side effects — it means that they have the highest chances to occur, anecdotally. It does NOT mean that you’re guaranteed to get them all. 

It all depends on your personal response: How prone is your skin to acne? How good is your sex health? How healthy is your lifestyle in general? 

You’re guaranteed to get just one of the side effects: Testosterone suppression. EQ suppresses natural testosterone production and you need to run it with a Test base. Also, you need to do PCT, but we’ll cover it later. 

How to Minimize Equipoise Side Effects

Follow these instructions to counter EQ sides one by one. 

Oily skin on EQ

Manifests on high doses or if you’re prone to it. Avoid overdrying your skin with too frequent showers and keep your hygiene on point during the cycle. 

Boldenone Acne

It’s not different from any other steroidal acne: you can see it on your back and on your chest mostly, it occurs because your skin is sensitive to hormonal changes. 

Use Zinc or Accutane if things get too uncomfortable, but keep in mind that acne will be gone as soon as you finish the cycle, do the PCT, and get your hormone levels back to normal. It’s a temporary thing, not chronic. 

Equipoise Erection Issues

Depending on your personal tolerance, the effect can look like complete inability to get an erection or just longer time needed to get ready for sex.

To counter it — run EQ only with a sufficient testosterone base and don’t inject high doses. Also, keeping your cycle short and effective will help, no need to run it for more than 12 full weeks. 

Gynecomastia on EQ Cycle

Your nipples get sensitive and start to look puffy: that’s what athletes call gyno. Two things to know about it: 

  1. You can lower your chances to experience it significantly by introducing Aromatase Inhibitors to your cycle. Arimidex or Aromasin in small amounts will help; 

  2. It’s more of an effect of abuse, not a direct cycle effect: only and only if you’re a heavy aromatizer (genetically have large amounts of aromatase enzymes) you’re guaranteed to get gyno on small EQ doses. In all other cases, keeping your dosage reasonably low is all you need to dodge it. 

As a summary: add supportives, keep your doses low, don’t run EQ for prolonged cycles, and you will — most likely — be fine. It’s not a reason to relax, though: you should keep an eye on your health during the cycle and drop the compound immediately if you notice seriously uncomfortable side effects. 

PCT After Equipoise Cycle

Now let’s talk about the testosterone suppression part. As any other anabolic steroid, Boldenone lowers your natural Testosterone level. Your body just doesn’t produce as much as it used to before the cycle because it knows you have high exogenous testosterone (from injections). 

How to get your testosterone levels back on track? You have 3 options: 

  • Nolvadex;

  • Clomid; 

  • HCG. 

The first two are so-called SERMs: selective estrogen receptor modulators. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a powerful option, but we’d reserve it for prolonged cycles only. 

Nolvadex or Clomid are the best options for PCT after the Equipoise cycle. Mild doses, around 15-20 mg, will be more than enough. 

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