The bodybuilders underline the top 5 steroids that they use to get strength and power. These drugs are all different but have the same aim to make the muscles stronger. Here we have:

1.Testosterone suspension

Nowadays, including some form of Testosterone into the strength cycle is important for optimal results. It is best to gain strength because it is so fast-acting. You get pure Testosterone in water, and you can count on gaining muscle mass.

One disadvantage is that it needs to be taken every day. Moreover, to get the most out of Testosterone Suspension, you should take it two times per day. As well, these injections are painful.

Most users take, on average, 100-150 mg per day, divided into two daily injections for best results.

Dosage: two injections per day.

Disadvantage: the painful shots.


In powerlifting, it is, without a doubt, the best drug. Firstly, it increases strength quickly. Secondly, it increases water retention a lot. Finally, it can actually increase the number of red blood cells. As a result, you have trained endurance.

For those athletes who take one pill a day for short periods, there is no problem. However, for the “kamikaze anabolic steroids” who take 5 or more pills a day, the increased number of red blood cells is a danger that must be considered. So, blood tests should always be done if you want to save your health. Another important thing you should look out for the increase of enzymes in the liver. The dosage is 50-100 mg a day in two divided doses for most users, but others take this amount during their breakfast.

  • it is one of the best drugs for powerlifters.

  • it increases strength quickly

  • it increases water retention a lot

  • it trains your endurance

Dosage: it is recommended to use one tablet per day for short periods; some bodybuilders take five or more pills per day, but they are in danger of elevated red blood cells.

3. Halotestin

This is a drug that has a double price in comparison with Anadrol. Many people on the black market are willing to pay more for 10 mg of Halotestin tablet than Anadrol 50 mg. Halotestinprovides a very rapid increase in strength. Besides, there is no water retention. That is why it is so popular with many bodybuilders in the last four weeks of competition preparation.

This product is top-rated among European athletes because Europeans are not so afraid of side effects as those in the USA. When the average user in the US takes milligrams, Europeans take grams. The best variant is to take it for four weeks or less in the dosage of 20-40 mg a day, dividing it into three doses per day.

  • it provides speedy strength gains

  • there is no water retention

This drug is very popular among European athletes.

Disadvantage: it is at least double the price of Anadrol.

Dosage: it is recommended to take 20-40 mg per day, spreading it out in three doses throughout the day; the cycle duration is 4 weeks.

4.Trenbolone Acetate

This is one of the most used steroids in powerlifting. Firstly, it is more androgenic than Testosterone 3 times, so you can realize how is it powerful. It can be said that it is a goldmine for athletes looking to raise their strength. As well, it does not aromatize, so you will not have water retention as with Anadrol. It means that you will have a strong muscle mass, and it will be noticeable.

One of the main advantages of this drug is a severe increase in aggression that is good for fighters. Among the disadvantages, there is kidney dysfunction. Special care must be taken in this area. As well, you should make sure that you have a balance in the dosage. The average dosage is about 75-150 mg every other day, but some athletes prefer to take it every day.

  • this substance will give you lean muscles and a strength

  • it is three times more androgenic than Testosterone

  • it is very potent

  • It is a goldmine for strength athletes looking to increase their power output

  • it does not aromatize, so you will not get the water retention

  • it gives a significant increase in aggression.

Dosage: it is recommended to take 75-150 mg every other day, but some lifters prefer taking it daily.

Disadvantage: you need to take extra care of kidneys.

5. Mibolerone

It is an oral steroid which is based on Nandrolone. It was a veterinary drug that has been made to alter female dogs' ovulation cycle to prevent estrus. Nowadays, with powerlifters, it is a popular pre-competition drug. The primary function is to transform you into a wild beast in minutes because it raises your aggression. It is used the most by MMA fighters and professional boxers.

However, it is not recommended to take despite all the advantages because it is highly toxic for the liver. Powerlifters and fighters use it during the last two weeks before the competition, in the dosage of 1 ml under the tongue 15-30 minutes before training or competition.

Disadvantage: it is highly hepatotoxic, so you have to take care of your liver.

Dosage: for powerlifters, it is recommended to use for the last two weeks before a contest in the dosage of 1 ml (under the tongue about 15 minutes to half an hour before training or competing).