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Superdrol 10mg/50tabs | Apoxar

Superdrol 10mg/50tabs | Apoxar

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  • Provides you with strength and energy
  • Helps you burn fat and lose weight
  • Promotes protein synthesis
  • Improves your athletic performance
  • Increases libido

Dosage: 20-40 mg

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What is Superdrol?

It's Anadrol with an extra molecule: the little change that makes it massively more effective. It stands among Tren and other powerful gear examples, way above more traditional options, like mild orals (Anavar) or basic Testosterone (like Enanthate or Propionate esters). 

In simple terms, Superdrol is your ticket to a transformed physique, with a lean, powerful body.


This monster steroid kicks your metabolism into high gear, allowing for impressive, clean gains.

Adding 5-10lbs of pure muscle, without the puffiness that comes with water retention, is what you can expect with 1 short cycle.

It shines especially bright for those in cutting phases.

While on a calorie deficit, keeping your hard-earned muscle intact can be a challenge. Superdrol ensures you shed fat while your muscle mass stays protected.

Superdrol also turbocharges your recovery and muscular endurance too. You'll bounce back faster and push harder, making every workout count more. 

Dosage & Cycle

Starting with Superdrol? Begin with a cautious dose of 20mg to see how your body responds.

Most users find a sweet spot in 3-4 week cycles, avoiding longer stretches to keep the gains coming and the side effects at bay.

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