How to choose the best steroid?

What steroid will work specifically for you?

What steroids are the most powerful and the safest?

What steroids combine well?

Every athlete asks these questions, when realizes that he has reached the limit of the natural abilities of this organism in the point of muscle growth. There are many articles and literature on steroids, but they do not have the unambiguity and scientific basis. Over the last decade, scientific bodybuilding has quite advanced and there are credible reports backed by science. Modern science allows the use of steroids with maximum efficiency and almost no harm to health.

However, bodybuilding experts have taken the responsibility to debunk all the myths and take you to a scientifically proved path. We have analyzed a large number of modern literature, studies and scientific papers and have selected well-founded and credible information. In this article we will try to bring the best steroid cycles that provide maximum efficiency and safety, and to give practical pieces of advice on the correct use of anabolic steroids.

General conclusions: choosing an anabolic steroid

  • All anabolic steroids have androgenic activity, but to a different degree.
  • The more powerful and effective the steroid is, the greater the side effects will be, so focusing on this indicator is extremely important.
  • As a rule, injectable steroids are safer compared to pills.
  • The larger the dose and the amount of steroids is, the more side effects and the expression of the rollback phenomenon will be.
  • Do not try to get quick results by doing crazy cycles, after a couple of months you will be disappointed with this approach. It makes more sense to make do ‘weak’ cycles with a break than one ‘powerful’.
  • There are no new safe steroids. Do not believe the advertising - many old steroids are much better. This is explained in a simple way - in the 20th century, the study of steroids was much better financed than nowadays. Nowadays, the majority of funding goes not on how to get a more powerful and safe anabolic steroid, but on its undetectability in tests.
  • It is advisable to use anti-estrogens (Nolvadex, Clomid, Arimidex and so on), if they are listed. This will secure the cycle and will significantly increase its effectiveness. Remember that gynecomastia does not always develop, but in individual cases, it is irreversible, so prophylaxis is mandatory

The main conclusion: In order to achieve good results, use steroids in moderate doses, in the right combinations, without exceeding the optimum cycle time. With this you will be able to gain about 5-7 kg of muscle in a single cycle and lose a significant amount of fat. The results will be stable, with minimal rollback phenomenon, and generally side effects in most cases will be absent.

What are steroid cycles built on?

The following cycles of steroids are made up on the basis of the experience of the largest resources as well as sports medicine and modern science. Many ‘professionals’ say that these cycles are too weak and short, so the results are weak, but this is easily refuted by a simple example:

  1. John finished the cycle with a steroid drug X in a dose of 100 during the month, and then, 3 months later repeated it. Total: 1 pack for all + 5 kg of muscles including rollback and complete absence of side effects.
  2. Bob finished the cycle with the drug X in a dose of 200 for 2 months. Total: 4 packs of the drug, 8 kilograms of muscles immediately after the cycle (at first glance, the result is better), but half of it will be lost in a month, so the overall result of 4 kg of muscles, in addition gynecomastia and disorders of the hormonal metabolism happened.

At any forum you’ll be advised the second option, because people sometimes can not evaluate the long-term effects and are guided by ephemeral results immediately after the cycle.

Short cycles and muscle memory

Norwegian scientists from the University of Oslo reported that even brief introduction of anabolic steroids increases the ability of muscles to grow for a long time. According to our experiments, the use of anabolic steroids is launching a so-called cellular mechanism of memory. Therefore, during the resumption of physical activity after a long period of rest, those athletes who use anabolic steroids will recover strength and muscle size much faster, compared to those who have never used them. Besides it is observed that steroid users have more intensive cell core division. The results of the study have been published in The Journal of Physiology.

The results of steroid use

Bhasin S and Storer TW researches on 43 healthy men found that 600 mg / week of testosterone enanthate for 10 weeks provides high sports results:

  • exercises without administration resulted an increase of mass of about 1.8 kg;
  • introduction of the drug without training led to the increase of lean body mass 3 kg
  • people who performed strength training 3 times a week and administrated testosterone enanthate had a lean weight increase of 6 kg.

There was a reduction of fat deposits in all groups.

Who are these steroid cycles designed for?

To all men of slim built, over the age of 25 years, who want to gain lean muscle mass, given the absence of contraindications to the anabolic steroids. Any regimen should be coordinated with a medical specialist.

If you want to get maximum results, each cycle should also include:

  • Diet for gaining muscles - keep in mind that during the cycle you need to gain up to 10 kg (2-3 kg of which would then be lost), so be sure to weigh yourself every three days, and control weight gain through the diet. If the mass isn’t growing fast enough - then you need to increase caloric intake, and vice versa, otherwise you are wasting time. The total amount of protein in the diet should be equal to at least 2 g / kg of the body weight.
  • Sport nutrition for gaining mass
  • Special exercises

How to make steroid injections?

The optimal technique of injecting steroids:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. It is advisable to heat the ampoule of a drug to 38C-40 °C in a water bath, as a last resort in the armpit.
  3. Clean your hands with alcohol.
  4. Clean the ampoule with alcohol.
  5. Open the ampoule: make an incision on the neck, break off its tip, having wrapped it with gauze. If there is a scored point, there’s no need for incision, simply break off the tip.
  6. Use syringe with a needle of 37 mm, those are 5cc and 10cc syringes.
  7. Fill the syringe and remove air bubbles. Although while performing an intramuscular injection a few tiny bubbles are not dangerous at all.
  8. Treat the injection site with alcohol or other antiseptic.
  9. Take a horizontal position to avoid breakup of the needle.
  10. Insert the needle in the upper-lateral quadrant of the buttocks to its full length at a 90 degree angle.
  11. Slowly inject the drug.
  12. Remove the needle and press an alcohol (or other antiseptic) swab on the injection site.
  13. Gently massage the injection site for about 5 minutes.