Novo-Pharm Anavar - Oxandrolone 20mg/50tabs

Brand: Novo-pharm, Canada

Substance: Oxandrolone

Dosage and packing: 20mg per tab (50tabs)

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Novo-pharm Anavar Oxandrolone is a tableted drug. It’s considered to be one of the safest anabolic steroids, suitable for younger beginner athletes and women.



Novo-pharm Anavar General Description

Anavar was first released in the U.S. in 1964 and had gained popularity until 1986, when it was severely reduced in production. The drug is now available under the name of oxandrolone.
Because it was first developed for women and children with osteoporosis and impaired development, it is known to be a safe medication. The drug was also used to treat HIV, the Turner syndrome, anemia and burns. Anavar then became part of the field of sports medicine after a thorough investigation of its beneficial effects on humans. The drug produces no masculinization and its side effects are quite rare, so it has gained popularity among athletes, particularly those involved in powerlifting and bodybuilding.
Anavar can be found in the body of an athlete up to 60 days after the use has been stopped, which is why athletes must calculate the required period length to avoid being disqualified from a competition.
The main advantage of the medication is that it does not aromatize even at high doses, as well as the fact that after the cycle, the muscles do not have a "bloated" appearance.
If the athlete follows a proper diet, oxandrolone can develop strong and lean muscles. The medication itself does not break down adipose tissue, but it helps to reduce appetite, enabling athletes to comfortably maintain strict diets and achieve the desired outcome in a short time.
The anabolic activity of Anavar is 400% relative to testosterone, the androgenic activity is 25%. Half-life is 8-12 hours; the drug is not transformed into estrogen and has no toxic effects on the liver.

Novo-pharm Anavar Benefits

Athletes report the following effects after using Anavar:
• Tough and lean muscle growth.
• Improved physical performance.
• Lowered appetite.
• Production of somatropin (the growth hormone).
• Restored blood pressure.
• Strengthened bone tissue.
Other positive effects include the fact that the action of the drug only lasts up to 12 hours. The drug does not retain excess fluid, resulting in better growth of muscle mass. Anavar is often used for the best possible effects with hepatoprotectors.

Novo-pharm Anavar Possible Side Effects

Oxandrolone rarely causes adverse reactions, but testosterone production is adversely affected if the daily dosage exceeds 80 milligrams and the cycle lasts longer than 12 weeks, leading to weak penile erection, reduced libido, and testicular atrophy. Stomach pain may also manifest as well as intestinal constipations with severe headaches. These side effects are most often produced by individual intolerance to the active component and only manifest in isolated cases.

Novo-pharm Anavar Administration and Dosage

The dosage for men and women is different because they have different biological properties.
Oxandrolone is prescribed mainly for men because it does not turn into estrogens. This is particularly important for athletes over the age of 40.
For best results, Anavar should be used on an empty stomach. The drug is usually used for improved physique at 15-25 mg daily for 8 weeks. It can also be used for greater results with other steroids.
Anavar is also completely safe for women, which is why it is often taken by female athletes who show the first signs of the onset of osteoporosis, as well as those who seek to improve their physique and muscle growth.
Oxandrolone goes well solo and in combination cycles.
• It is advised to use a solo Anavar cycle to improve body definition. The length of the cycle in this case is 6-8 weeks. The medication is first used in two administrations at 20 mg per day; the dosage is then increased to 40-80 mg per day in three administrations. During the last two weeks of the cycle, the dose is reduced again. Tamoxifen is introduced at 10 mg per day from the last week to restore the production of testosterone. Sports nutrition should also be used by athletes to maximize results.
• In combined cycle, it is recommended that Anavar be used together with testosterone, Sustanon or Primobolan – these combinations should produce the desired result and avoid side effects such as poor penile erection and decreased sexual vigor. The daily dose for Anavar should not exceed 40 mg in combined cycles.
The dosage is dependent on the athlete's weight: 0.25 mg/1 kg.
For both men and women, a mild Anavar cycle lasts in 4 weeks, with daily dosage of up to 30-40 mg. For improved results, it is recommended to use oxandrolone with injectables such as boldenone, Masteron, Primobolan and Winstrol or oral anabolic androgenic steroids such as Strombafort, Turinabol and Danabol. The best for this is a cycle of Anavar+Turinabol.
In addition to clenbuterol, Anavar is used in a medium cycle to maintain the obtained improvements, which enables excess water excretion and improved strength and muscle definition with proper mass growth.
Athletes with gynecomastia and arterial hypertension can use the drug. In such cases, Anavar goes well with Deca, particularly when athletes have individual intolerances or problems when using Anapolon, Dianabol or testosterone.
After an Anavar cycle, it is best to use Novo-pharm Clomid or Novo-pharm Nolvadex for PCT. Over two weeks, each of these drugs should be used. Both medications can help restore the athlete's endocrine profile and release natural testosterone.

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