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Apoxar GHRP-6 General Description

The GHRP-6 peptide (also known as Hexarelin) stimulates the production of natural somatotropin. Initially, the drug was developed to treat growth hormone deficiency. Somatotropin is characterized by its potent anabolic and fat burning effects, which is valued by many bodybuilders. Scientific tests have shown that using the peptide leads to the concentration of natural somatotropin being increased by 2-6 times. Such a dispersion in the increase rates of growth hormone levels is caused by the individual characteristics of each user.
In its chemical properties, Hexarelin is similar to GHRP-2, the main difference being that the peptide does not produce an increase in appetite. To achieve maximum effectiveness, GHRP-6 is used alongside with the CJC-1295 or GHRP-2 peptides. Injections can be done intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Apoxar GHRP-6 Benefits

Regardless of the fact that Hexarelin has gained popularity in sports quite recently, many athletes commonly use it to increase endurance performance and improve the definition of each muscle. The peptide is sold under many brand names; often the product comes from China.
The main principle of the effect of the drug is to increase the secretion of somatotropin, so most of the properties of Apoxar GHRP-6 are similar to the effects of growth hormone. The drug has many positive effects on the body, which include:

• better strength performance;
• increased muscle growth;
• fat loss;
• anti-aging effect that improves the strength of the hair and the appearance of the skin;
• better body definition;
• enhanced immune resistance;
• anti-inflammatory effect;
• increased bone strength;
• hepatoprotection.

The peptide is similar in many ways to GHRP-2, but the main difference is that GHRP-6 is one and a half times more potent, but at the same time it increases the levels of cortisol and prolactin. These drugs can be used in conjunction for a significant synergy effect. Scientific research has shown that the highest level of somatotropin is observed during combined use.
At the same time, the peptides provoke a pronounced increase in appetite, which has been observed in many scientific studies. The GHRP-2 peptide additionally exhibits the effects of the cortisol stress hormone, which enhances the sensation of hunger. GHRP-6 increases hunger as well, but this effect disappears after a couple of weeks of doing injections.
Hexarelin and GHRP-2 can enter the body in a variety of ways – through subcutaneous injection, under the tongue, intramuscular injections, transbuccally. The substance’s molecules are so small that they can enter the body through blood vessels in the stomach or oral cavity, as they are not broken down by digestive enzymes. However, the maximum bioavailability of the drug is achieved by injecting the peptides.

Apoxar GHRP-6 Possible Side Effects

During scientific research of the peptide, no manifestations of adverse reactions were detected; the drug, on the contrary, increased the protective functions of the body and strengthened immune resistance. GHRP-6 is often prescribed for children. It’s worth noting that a higher dosage of more than 600 micrograms per day may cause an increase in the level of the cortisol stress hormone and prolactin in the body, but this is observed to a much lesser extent than when using GHRP-2. Sometimes a burning sensation may occur at the injection site, passing after 5-10 minutes.

Apoxar GHRP-6 Administration and Dosage

Clinical testing found that an effective single dose of the peptide is 1 mcg of the active agent per 1 kg of body weight. Decreased dosages lead to an insignificant increase in the concentration of somatotropin, but exceeding the recommended dosages does not result an increase in the production of HGH. For example, with a dosage increase from 100 mcg to 200 mcg the increase in the level of somatotropin will differ by only 25%, as such, 100 mcg is a suitable dosage for bodybuilding. The peptide is administered three times a day – after physical training, 15 minutes before eating and at bedtime.
It was also found that the body gets used to the effects of the peptide over time, so the effectiveness of the substance decreases. Studies have shown that tolerance to the action of the drug is observed after 4-16 weeks of use. The duration of doing injections should not exceed 4-8 weeks, after which a break between cycles should be made for 1-2 weeks. Problems with tolerance can be resolved using a combined cycle with CJC-1295.
Before injection, it is vital to understand the application rules for its dilution and storage. First, it is recommended to let the vial reach room temperature, then, using a syringe, inject the required volume of water along the side to dilute the powder. The substance is mixed via rotation, or you can just leave the bottle to stand for a while; it is forbidden to shake the vial. How long the diluted solution will be usable depends on the type of solvent. For this purpose, saline or bactericidal water is commonly used. The peptide’s shelf life in the refrigerator is 30-35 days.

Apoxar GHRP-6 Combined Cycles

The effectiveness of the GHRP-6 cycle can be significantly increased when combining it with other growth hormone production stimulants or anabolic substances:
• GHRP-2 – studies indicate that the combination with the peptide makes it possible to double the effectiveness of the cycle;
• GRF (1-29)/CJC-1295 – an excellent combination that enhances the effectiveness of Hexarelin twofold; this combination has earned the name of “the gold standard” in bodybuilding;
• arginine – increases the effect of the peptide by 20%;
• insulin – increases the effectiveness of the cycle by 40%.
During subcutaneous Hexarelin injections, the level of natural somatotropin increases significantly within 30 minutes after injection. Then, 4 hours after the injection, the level of growth hormone slowly decreases to the initial values.

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