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Apoxar GHRp-2 General Description

Apoxar GHRp-2 is a part of the peptide group. It is the safest stimulant of the production of natural somatotropin out of all sports drugs that are available on the market at the moment. The potency of the effect on the body make this peptide comparable to agents based on recombinant growth hormone, which is confirmed by numerous scientific studies.
GHRp-2 is commonly used in sports to stimulate the functioning of the pituitary gland, which allows athletes to maximize their physical abilities in strength and athletic sports. At minimal dosages the drug produces a feeling of alertness, normalizes sleep and restores the full function of the body. Scientific studies have shown that GHRp-2 can be used to prevent muscle loss and to restore muscle growth while maintaining a proper diet.

Apoxar GHRp-2 Benefits

As demonstrated in practice, it is impossible to build high-quality muscle with a single cycle of the GHRp-2 peptide that would be comparable to the use of anabolic steroids. However, 2-3 cycles can result in the same increase in muscle volume as when using a single average AAS cycle, but at the same time this will not cause setbacks after six months of use. With the help of peptides, muscle mass builds up longer, but it is of higher quality. The use of steroid substances can lead to a large number of side effects that adversely affect the health of the users, while GHRp-2 produces only positive effects. The peptide is commonly used by professional athletes. Its regular intake allows for achieving positive effects in the form of:

• enhanced production of natural somatotropin;
• reduced amount of fat and enhanced muscle growth;
• pronounced muscle definition;
• increased appetite due to enhanced functioning of ghrelin receptors;
• strengthened bone tissue;
• reduced cholesterol concentration;
• rejuvenation of the skin;
• hepatoprotection;
• reduced inflammation.

Apoxar GHRp-2 is completely safe to use, undesirable reactions were not observed during numerous clinical tests. The peptide does not change the functioning of the human body as it is not a synthetic substitute for natural somatotropin, it only stimulates the secretion of endogenous growth hormone. Conducted testing confirms that the peptide stimulates the pituitary gland, which leads to an increase in the production of growth hormone 7-15-fold. Other substances from the peptide group created on the basis of amino acids and GABA stimulate the production of somatotropin no more than threefold. Moreover, the drug acts equally as effective when used in adults, children and the elderly.
Compared to GHRP-6, GHRp-2 increases the appetite of athletes, which is characterized by its own positive and negative properties. During a mass-building cycle those who do not care about the quality of the gained volume of muscle can safely use the peptide, as it will will produce an excellent result in gaining muscle mass in any case. Those who maintain a cutting cycle need to moderate their appetite or switch to using GHRP-6.

Apoxar GHRp-2 Possible Side Effects

Clinical studies confirm the complete safety of the peptide and the absence of adverse reactions. The somatotropin production stimulant has been subjected to scientific testing for 30 years, so the likelihood of delayed adverse reactions can be excluded. If users take dosages that exceed 600 mcg per day, this can provoke an increase in cortisol and prolactin levels – the most undesirable hormones in bodybuilding. An increased concentration of prolactin can be eliminated using Cabergoline. An overdose also results in allergic skin rashes and a feeling of fatigue.

Apoxar GHRp-2 Administration and Dosage

Observation of the use of the drug revealed that the peptide is characterized by its dose-dependent effect – the intensity of stimulation of growth hormone production is directly proportional to the dosage, but it is not affected by the sex of the recipient, their age and body fat percentage. Testing was also conducted on children, where a direct dependence of the somatotropin concentration on the GHRp-2 dose amount was revealed.
To achieve the maximal effect in sports, the peptide must be taken at 1-2 microns per 1 kilogram of body weight; the drug is used 2-3 times a day. The average dosage of the drug in sports varies between 100-200 micrograms. Often, 2-3 injections of the peptide are done daily – 15 minutes before eating, after training and at bedtime, while the drug is administered intramuscularly. There are report of people injecting the solution of 1000 mcg twice-thrice a day with no adverse reactions being observed. Despite the absence of adverse reactions, it’s recommended to avoid significantly exceeding the dosage, since the intensity of increasing the secretion of somatotropin is greatly reduced at dosages of more than 200 mcg, while the level of prolactin and cortisol can increase.
The GHRp-2 peptide is recommended to be combined with other agents from this group – CJC-1295 or GRF (1-29). This will allow for achieving maximal synergy as the drugs enhance each other's positive properties, help save money and solve the problem of reducing the body's susceptibility to active agents.
Due to the short half-life of the peptide, there is no rapid increase in the level of insulin-like growth factor 1 regardless of the high but short-term increase in the concentration of somatotropin. The drug is best combined with another peptide of a longer half-life. It’s also possible to find sports supplements with the GHRp-2 peptide and other stimulants for the production of growth hormone on the market, such as glutamine, arginine and others, which allows for achieving a significant synergistic effect and increase the level of growth hormone to a greater extent. The combination of sports supplements produces no harmful effects.

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