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Apoxar CJC-1295 DAC General Description

Apoxar CJC-1295 DAC is a popular peptide used to stimulate the production of growth hormone. It contains a chain of the 30th amino acid; the drug is characterized by a long half-life of about 14 days. CJC-1295 DAC has a direct effect on the secretion of growth hormone in the pituitary gland. The drug is considered to be one of the most common in bodybuilding and is in direct competition with anabolic substances, but this peptide does not produce side effects. Not only does it stimulate an increase in muscle volume and strength performance, but also enhances immune resistance, improves sleep, improves vigor and the condition of hair, nails and skin.
The effectiveness of the peptide can be compared with artificial growth hormone, but the drug stimulates the secretion of natural somatotropin while also being much cheaper than a recombinant substance. Before purchasing the peptide, it is necessary to clarify whether a DAC complex is present in the CJC-1295 molecule, as this affects the effectiveness and method of administration. The absence of the complex means that this drug with a modified or tetra-protected GRF (1-29); the period of action of such a substance is about half an hour.

Apoxar CJC-1295 DAC Benefits

The peptide was originally developed in a Canadian biotechnology company called ConjuChem in 2005, but the drug gained popularity in bodybuilding only after 5-6 years, when manufacturing tech was obtained by competing companies, which include Chinese manufacturers. The main advantage of the drug is its long half-life of 6-8 days.
The first studies of the peptide were started in 2005 to observe the effect of the drug on visceral fat deposits in patients with diseases like obesity and AIDS. In such cases, growth hormone was prescribed to patients to reduce subcutaneous fat in previous medical practice. The results of scientific testing were successful in many test subjects, but research was suspended due to lawsuits from three patients.
Nowadays the peptide is commonly used by athletes, its effect is similar to the use of growth hormone. However, during a cycle of the recombinant somatotropin hormone, some body functions are changed, and using the CJC-1295 DAC peptide stimulates the secretion of natural growth hormone only. Such a property provides a number of positive effects in the form of:

• increased muscle mass;
• better strength performance;
• linear bone growth (if the athlete still has functioning growth zones);
• burning of subcutaneous fat;
• improved defense mechanisms of the body, strengthened immune resistance;
• strengthened cartilage, joints, ligaments;
• stimulated recovery processes;
• improved condition of the skin, nails, hair and the general effect of rejuvenation;
• increased blood flow to muscle tissue.

To achieve the maximized positive effect, one injection per week is enough. Due to the long half-life, the concentration of somatotropin in the blood will be stretched in time and remain as close as possible to natural values.

Apoxar CJC-1295 DAC Possible Side Effects

The long-lasting effect of the peptide and the stability of its effect on the body makes the drug popular not only among athletes, but also those who wish to maintain good health late in life. Along with all the advantages of the drug, the peptide is not able to cause adverse reactions, so its use is completely safe. Numerous clinical studies have been conducted and found no adverse effects. However, users shouldn’t exceed the recommended dosage, as this will not lead to an increase in the effectiveness of the drug cycle.

Apoxar CJC-1295 DAC Administration and Dosage

After a single injection of the drug the level of somatotropin in the blood rises 2-10 times as soon as on the sixth day, and the concentration of insulin-like growth factor 1 increases one and a half to three times as soon as on the tenth day after the injection. The half-life of the drug is 6-8 days. After several injections of the solution, the concentration of insulin-like growth factor 1 is constantly progressing for a month. Effective dosages of the peptide are 30-60 mcg per 1 kilogram of body weight; the long half-life allows injections to be made once a week. Often, athletes administer the CJC-1295DAC peptide only once a week at 1000 mcg. The duration of the cycle is determined depending on the goal, but mainly varies between 4-10 weeks.
Before using the drug, it’s vital to understand the application rules for dissolving peptides. Before injection, it is necessary to cool the vial containing the powder so that it reaches room temperature, then the required volume of water is added along the side of the vial for dilution. To stir the contents, do not shake the vial, but simply rotate it in a circular motion. The resulting solution for injection made with regular water retains its properties when stored in the refrigerator for 8-10 days, but bactericidal water should be used to increase the shelf life up to a month during dilution. It’s best to dilute the peptide with bactericidal water, in which case it should not be stored in the freezer.
Apoxar CJC-1295DAC must be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Athletes often combine the drug with other peptides like GHRP-6 or GHRP-2 to enhance the effectiveness of the cycle. The combination of substances produces a significant synergy effect, as all the positive effects of the substances increase several times due to their combination. This combination guarantees pronounced anabolism. Here are some examples of combined cycles:
• the CJC-1295 DAC peptide is taken 2 times a week at 1000 mcg;
• GHRP-2/GHRP-6 should be used three times a day at 100 mcg;
• cycle’s duration - 8-12 weeks.
The effectiveness of the combined cycle is equal to the daily use of growth hormone at 15 units, while the cost is cheaper.

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