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Apoxar HGH 176-191 General Description

Apoxar HGH-176-191 is one of the most well-known drugs for reducing body fat. It is part of the growth hormone molecule in the chain of amino acids from the 176th to the 191st position. The drug stimulates the process of lipolysis (reduction of body fat) 10-12 times more potently than growth hormone, and blocks the formation of other body fat, while exhibiting no undesirable symptoms during use, unlike HGH.
The peptide is characterized by its high efficiency ¬¬¬– the positive result can be seen after 2 weeks of use. HGH-176-191 stimulates metabolic processes, adds definition to the body, does not provoke hyperglycemia, which can be observed when taking growth hormone. The presented drug costs less than recombinant Somatotropin.

Apoxar HGH 176-191 Benefits

The HGH-176-191 peptide is a vital segment of the human natural growth hormones chain. The presented peptide acts as a “limited version” of human HGH. It was synthesized in order to block the process of lipogenesis, inhibiting the formation of fatty acids and other lipids. When compared to the natural hormone, Apoxar HGH-176-191 makes it possible to burn 12.5 times more fat, which confirms the drug’s high rate of efficiency in reducing excess fat.
Fat cells are broken down in the mitochondria, to which they are delivered with the help of carnitine. At the same time, the intensity of physical training, the level of body temperature, the functioning of the central nervous system and exposure to stress affect the speed and intensity of the reduction of fat accumulation. This also affects the production of the adrenaline hormone, which controls the adrenergic receptors. The latter are particularly susceptible to the effects of adrenaline. The most important receptor for burning fat is β3, located in adipose tissue. It is this exact receptor that is affected by the HGH-176-191 peptide.
The HGH-176-191 peptide is commonly used by those who want to lose weight to build up an athletic and sculpted body physique while minimizing body fat. The stabilized enzyme has been widely used among professional athletes to reduce body fat during pre-competitive stages and to maintain excellent physical shape.
The stabilized fragment of HGH-176-191 does not affect the growth hormone receptors, but the activity of beta-3 adrenergic receptors, which cause the lipolysis process in the body, increases. The peptide produces the following positive effects on the body:

• Reduced excess fat.
• Increased secretion of endogenous IGF-1. Regular intake of the peptide increases the concentration of insulin-like growth factor 1 in the body, affecting some of the enzymes, which allows for slowing down the aging process.
• Increased lean muscle mass. Athletes take the peptide during cutting cycles to stabilize lean muscle volumes.
• Stimulated energy metabolism and increased consumption of energy reserves. The peptide improves lipolytic activity and the lipemic index.
• Anti-aging effect. After a few weeks of admission, athletes note that facial wrinkles begin to smooth out, and the general condition of the skin improves.
• Increased bone density (bone mineralization).

While taking the drug, users do not need to worry about catabolic effects, since the restoration of energy reserves is carried out as a result of breaking down fatty acids. At this rate, catabolism does not produce significant effects, therefore, the accumulated muscle volumes are preserved. Based on this property, it can be concluded that growth hormone acts as an anti-catabolic.

Apoxar HGH 176-191 Possible Side Effects

The peptide does not provoke hyperglycemia (high sugar level in the body), does not reduce appetite, which makes it possible to follow a diet, does not affect the function of the nervous system unlike other fat burners. Scientific research has shown that undesirable reactions from the use of the stabilized fragment were not detected. In rare cases, there is a burning sensation at the injection site during administration, which is quite normal.

Apoxar HGH 176-191 Administration and Dosage

To prepare the injection solution, you need to wait until the vial is at the room temperature and inject the necessary amount of bactericidal water or saline solution along the side of the vial with a syringe. Water for diluting the powder can be purchased at a pharmacy. Then, mix the contents by slightly rotating or swaying the vial – don’t shake the vial. The diluted substance retains its properties for two to three weeks, when stored in a cold environment without freezing. For better storage condition, use bactericidal water.
When following an HGH-176-191 cycle, it is imperative to adhere to a low-calorie diet and conduct regular intensive training. It is also necessary to add a large amount of protein to the diet and reduce the concentration of fats. After eating, the concentration of insulin increases, which inhibits lipolysis, so you shouldn’t eat after the injection of the drug.
Daily doses of HGH-176-191 can vary from 100 to 1000 mcg; the duration of use is two to three months. Injections of the peptide are carried out between meals to create optimal conditions for fat burning. The peptide usage regimen depends on the day:
• on the training day, 250 mcg is taken an hour before a morning meal, after which 250 mcg is administered one hour before lunch, 250 mcg of the peptide must also be administered half an hour before training;
• on the break day, 250 mcg is administered an hour before a morning meal, 250 mcg one hour before a lunch snack and 250 mcg in the evening before bedtime.
Some athletes make 5-6 injections per day, separating the daily dosage into equal administration. This provides an even endocrine profile, especially as it is possible to store the diluted drug with bactericidal water for more than three weeks.

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