Ligandrol is becoming more and more popular every day. That's why truthful facts intertwined with fiction, as a result, myths turned out. After studying several sources connected with LGD-4033, 7 myths were found on the web.

Ligandrol was created to gain muscle mass.

LGD-4033 is a powerful compound that makes athletes gain 8-10 lbs in 8 weeks, and that is why it is believed that it is only a mass building component. However, Ligandrol is not used only to get muscle mass; it is also used during intense cutting cycles.

LGD-4033 is not as powerful as RAD-140

LGD-4033 is practically the most serious SARM you can find. After all, it gives power, muscles, and hasten fat loss. It is said that LGD-4033 is stronger than Testosterone. However, each athlete reacts differently to each drug.

Ligandrol is not so useful as it is promised

It was noticed that athletes who take fake SARMS or on the wrong dosage or have high expectations are posting their complaints on the sites. But it was proved by the scientists that Ligandrol enlarges muscle mass even at the lowest doses (2 mg per day). Many bodybuilders who use it to improve their strength use it at 10 mg per day. Some even use 20 mg per day, but it is not recommended. The best dosage is 5 mg per day, and great results will be seen right away.

There are no side effects on Ligandrol

They are, but they are not so harmful. Here are some of them:

  • Suppression (even at little doses, it was noticed that testosterone production was suppressed by more than 50%)

  • LH level is low

  • HDL levels are also low

An imbalance of hormones (as a result of an increase of estrogen level)

PCT is needed after every cycle of Ligandrol

It is dependable on your reaction to the medication. You should always check your blood and heart before and after the cycle. This will help you to understand how the drug affects your body. The suppression is often soft, and you can avoid Post cycle therapy. However, if you want to accelerate rehabilitation, you should do PCT with Nolvadex. Although, if your organism is checked, the retention is normal, so you do not have to use PCT drugs.

It is only glycogen and water on what you gain mass during a cycle on Ligandrol

It depends on the reaction of each person to the drug. Water retention can be caused by people who have problems with blood pressure during the cycle on Ligandrol. However, it depends on the dosage. So, if you eat following your aims, you should get at least 4-6 lbs of muscle mass on the cycle.

The perfect duration of the cycle on LGD-4033 is 12 weeks

It also depends on the users. Some of them get Ligandrol for 12 weeks at the lowest doses (2-5 mg per day) and get muscle mass. However, it is recommended not to run more than 5 mg per day for the first several cycles and not for 8 weeks.


It would be best if you did not believe the myths. It is better to rely only on your organism. Find the information from different sources, Buy LGD-4033 from a checked supplier.

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