Anadrol has long been a popular bodybuilding compound because of its benefits, but the side effects are notorious in the bodybuilding community. Here is all you need to know about this powerful oral steroid:

Why Anadrol Causes Side Effects

It’s a potent anabolic-androgenic steroid, with 300% efficiency rate of Testosterone when it comes to bulking. We hope you did not expect to see this power with no drawbacks. The reasons why Anadrol side effects are impossible to dodge are: 

  • As a DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derivative, it has a complex effect on your hormonal system;

  • As a 17-alpha-alkylated oral compound, it goes through your liver to deliver the effects, damaging it in the process;

  • It also has an extra 2-hydroxymethylene group in its structure, making it even more potentially dangerous for your body. 

It may sound alarming but you should start your Anadrol cycle being fully aware of the effects it gives. You also should know all the positive things about them: 

  1. Anadrol is a quick-acting compound with a short minimal effective cycle: you won’t damage your liver by a lot in that period;
  2. It is not a Testosterone derivative, it’s DHT-based, so it does not aromatize (does not convert to estrogen in your body);
  3. And finally, Anadrol is just as powerful as it is toxic: for every health risk point you’ll get extreme gains: a fair deal for many athletes, especially if you know how to minimize the side effects and make your cycle as safe as it is possible. 

Whether you just plan to start the cycle or you\re in the middle of it now — check our comprehensive list of Anadrol side effects. 

Androgenic Anadrol Side Effects List

First of all, Anadrol is a strong androgen. it means that you may experience both physical and mental side effects at any stage of the cycle:

  • Acne, especially on your back;

  • Oily skin and intense sweating;

  • Muscle cramps;

  • Temporary erection issues, decreased sex drive;

  • Boosted hair growth (or, on the contrary, rapid male pattern balding).

On the mental side, Anadrol cycle may include: 

  • Extreme mood swings;

  • Anxiety and depression;

  • Aggression and easier irritability. 

Testosterone Suppression 

Natural production of testosterone in your testicles inevitably slows down and almost completely stops in the presence of a strong anabolic agent in your blood. In simple terms, your body «feels» that one of the hormones comes from «the outside» (aka exogenously) and stops producing it naturally (aka endogenously) to keep the hormonal balance on point. 

Why Is Testosterone Suppression Dangerous?

it’s not dangerous by itself but Anadrol makes your hormones imbalanced. Estrogen levels that are usually equal to just 10% of your testosterone levels, start dominating. Having more female hormones in a male body can seriously damage your physical and mental health. 

How to Lower Testosterone Suppression?

To avoid the adverse effect, combine these two key aspects of any safe oral cycle:

  1. Run a real injectable testosterone base (a mild, steady dosage of Enanthate or a Propionate ester) through the whole cycle as well, never try to run Anadrol alone;
  2. Keep your Anadrol dosage low and bet on consistency, not the dosage. Maximizing your Anadrol intake will bring you closer to a complete testosterone production shutdown, not the mass growth. 

Anadrol Liver Side Effects

Now — let’s talk about the discomfort Anadrol can cause simply because it’s an oral compound. 

17-alpha-alkylation makes Anadrol plain dangerous for your digestive system. Luckily your liver is one tough body part, so you will — most likely — get just mild practical side effects from it, possibly including: 

  • Cholesterol issues (raising LDL and dropping HDL);

  • Stomach pain and discomfort, especially after «fatty» meals;

  • Diarrhea, dizziness, in the worst cases — vomiting. 

Note that these effects are guaranteed ONLY if you take a high dose of Anadrol every day and if you skip the diet part of your cycle (continue drinking, eating junk food, deep fried meals, and so on). Do the exact opposite to avoid them. 

How to Stop Your Anadrol Cycle Safely?

The 3-letter definitive answer is PCT. Post-Cycle Therapy will help you get back on track after Anadrol cycle and keep your gains. 

Anadrol Cycle PCT Protocol 

First of all — choose your goals. With Anadrol, you have two primary targets: save your testosterone and help your liver regenerate back to its normal, healthy level. Both are possible in about a month (the actual time may, of course, vary, depending on the athlete’s stats). 

To help your testicles get back to natural testosterone production in full — you need to fight for hormonal balance and lower your estrogen. The 2 compounds of choice for you in this fight are: 

  • Nolvadex;

  • Clomid. 

In a classic Nolvadex PCT, you need about 10-20mg ED (every day) for 2-4 weeks straight. 

To help your liver, you need to make its life as comfortable as possible: 

  • Avoid alcohol;

  • Avoid drugs;

  • Avoid fast food and junk food, everything that would put pressure on your liver (not only cheeseburgers from a local drive-thru, but homemade barbecued steaks as well). 

It's always a great option to ask your physician about other ways you can help your liver get back to its healthy and fully functioning state.

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Anadrol is all about the extremes, mind-boggling gains and crazy toxic side effects. To keep it under control, you need to embrace moderation. Stay reasonable and prioritize self-care in every aspect possible, from dosage and protocol to diet preferences. Treat your body right so you can get your gains with as minor side effects as it is possible.