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YCZ (Yohimbine+Clen+T3) 3 mg Weight Loss Blend - Apoxar

YCZ (Yohimbine+Clen+T3) 3 mg Weight Loss Blend - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Weight Loss Blends

Dosage and packing: 3mg/50tabs

YCZ is an effective weight-loss compound that consists of Clenbuterol (25 mcg), T3 (12.5 mcg), and Yohimbine (2.5mg). A potent YCZ formula provides fast and long-lasting results.

  • Metabolism and thermogenesis increase
  • Significant fat breakdown ratio increase
  • Boosts lipolysis and increases muscle definition
  • Elevates energy levels and suppresses appetite
  • Prevents further fat accumulation
  • Fast-acting with long-term results

Administration:1-2 tablets/day
Safety: YCZ is a safe and well-tolerated compound as long as it is not abused. First-time users can experience shaking and stomach discomfort that usually disappear once the body gets accustomed to the mixture (7-10 days).

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