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TNT - 400mg/ml (Test E 250mg / Tren E 150mg) | NovoPharm

TNT - 400mg/ml (Test E 250mg / Tren E 150mg) | NovoPharm

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Test & Tren stack, flexible and versatile cycle in one vial.

TNT Benefits:

  • Improves muscle mass;
  • Increases endurance;
  • Boosts strength.

Dosage: Administer 1-2cc per week.

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TNT 400 is a combination of two steroids: 250mg of Testosterone Enanthate and 150mg of Trenbolone Enanthate, which work in synergy due to the same Enanthate ester attached to the hormones.

The stack of Tren and Test is highly appreciated by bodybuilders because of its fat burn properties along with strong muscle growth effect.


The blend will help you achieve extreme and fast results thanks to the powerful nature of Trenbolone. All of the results you'll get with Tren will happen much faster than with other steroids. Let's take a look at its main benefits:

Fast muscle growth — Trenbolone will make you bulk very fast but with very little water retention, so you'll get a hardened, lean physique. Test will help to add even more mass to your frame.

Improved lipolysis — Both Tren and Test greatly improve the fat loss process, ensuring that fat is used as energy, so you can train longer and consequently make more of your workouts.

Enhanced endurance and strength — Trenbolone will make your workouts easier because of enhanced strength, so the results will come even quicker.

Improved recovery — TNT improves the IGF-1 function, which in turn has a great impact on the recovery of muscle tissue.

Apart from these functions, TNT will provide you with common steroid effects, such as boosted protein synthesis, increased nitrogen retention, and improved food uptake. The changes will be seen and felt very soon after the start of the cycle.

How to Take

400-800mg of TNT a week is a common dosage, you don't need to go higher, as Tren is one of the most powerful steroids out there. The cycle length is about 8-16 weeks, depending on your goals and experience.

12 weeks is a typical cycle duration.

It's better to split a weekly dosage into 2 injections per week to keep peak blood levels of the hormones.

Potential Side Effects

Side effects from this drug can be quite strong, so you'd better not use it if you are a beginner. The downsides of TNT include:

Cardiovascular issues — Trenbolone is one of the harshest steroids on cholesterol, since it significantly reduces HDL (good cholesterol) levels, and increases LDL (bad cholesterol). If you have any cardiovascular conditions, do not use this compound. You have to be a healthy man to use it, and it's crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

No alcohol, limited consumption of saturated fats and simple sugars, no smoking; closely monitor your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, use a cholesterol antioxidant supplement, and enrich your diet with omega fatty acid. Regular cardiovascular activity is required, as well as all of the above-mentioned recommendations.

Androgenic symptoms — Acne, balding, and body hair are sure to be an issue if you are predisposed to, for example, early baldness, or if you had acne before. There's no way to reduce the risk but remember that these side effects are not dangerous for your health, so it's just a temporary issue.

Estrogenic side effects — TNT may cause gyno or water retention. To prevent the side effects, use anti-estrogenic drugs, like SERM's or AI's (aromatase inhibitors).

Tren side effects — Trenbolone has side effects that are quite unique. They might include night sweats, insomnia, a so-called ""tren cough"", rapid heart rate, or anxiety. The higher the dosage, the more severe the side effects are.

Trenbolone will also suppress natural testosterone production, so adding exogenous Test is crucial. And this is exactly what TNT does.

Cycles & Stacks with TNT-400

TNT 400 is an extremely versatile compound that you can use for cutting or bulking cycles. Many users will find it beneficial for performance enhancement purposes as well.

If you want to enhance and make the most of your cycle, you can add other steroids according to your purpose. Dianabol and Anavar can be successfully stacked with TNT for mass gain purposes. In a cutting cycle, the best stacks will be Masteron, Winstrol, Equipoise, or Anavar.

Anadrol and Deca-Durabolin are not very well stacked with TNT because of their progesterone nature.


A post cycle therapy is required after the TNT cycle to get your normal testosterone function back to normal and retain the gains. Clomid or Nolvadex will be a common choice for a PCT, and you can also add hCG, especially in case you add other steroids to the cycle.

Start your PCT 14-18 days after your last day of injection, or 10 days after if you're planning to include hCG.

TNT 400 is worth a try for several reasons: it is a full-fledged stack in one drug , it is extremely powerful and many-sided. You can avoid multiple injections or mixing the compounds, and get it all with one dose of TNT.

Note that this blend is rather an experienced users' drug, so if you have only a few cycles behind your shoulders, it's better to wait and give it a try in a while. But if you are ready for it, you're going to achieve a hardened and tucked up physique in no time.

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