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Isrib (Integrated Stress Response Inhibitor) 10mg/mL | Innovagen

Isrib (Integrated Stress Response Inhibitor) 10mg/mL | Innovagen

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Increases energy.
Improves cognitive function.
Enhances memory.
Administer 1cc daily.

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ISRIB (Integrated Stress Response Inhibitor) is a small molecule compound that has been studied for its potential therapeutic effects related to cellular stress response pathways. The acronym ISRIB stands for Integrated Stress Response Inhibitor.

The Integrated Stress Response (ISR) is a cellular signaling pathway that is activated in response to various stressors, such as endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress, amino acid starvation, viral infection, and other conditions that disrupt cellular homeostasis.

The ISR helps cells adapt to and cope with stress by regulating protein synthesis and other cellular processes.

ISRIB can alleviate the downstream effects of the ISR, ultimately promoting protein synthesis and cellular recovery.

Research on ISRIB demonstrated its ability to improve cognitive function, enhance memory, and potentially neuroprotective effects.

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