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Harmony (Sedative and Anxiolytic) 215mg/tab, 40tabs | Innovagen

Harmony (Sedative and Anxiolytic) 215mg/tab, 40tabs | Innovagen

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Reduces anxiety.
Protects neurons from damage.
Reduces pain sensations.
Take 1 tablet, take more if needed but do not exceed 2 tablets.

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Harmony by Innovagen is meant to promote relaxation and sleep.

Combining kavalactones from kava with piperine from black pepper is thought to enhance the absorption of kavalactones in the body.

Piperine has been shown to inhibit certain enzymes in the liver and intestines, potentially leading to increased bioavailability of various compounds, including kavalactones.

  • Kava is known for its sedative and anxiolytic effects attributed to kavalactones.
  • Piperine, on the other hand, is often used as a bioenhancer.

Interaction between kavalactones and piperine is based on the hypothesis that piperine may inhibit enzymes responsible for the breakdown of kavalactones in the liver and intestines.

By slowing down the metabolism of kavalactones, piperine may increase the concentration of these compounds in the bloodstream, potentially enhancing their effects.

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