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Hydrafinil - 9-Hydroxyfluorene 100mg (40 caps) Wakefulness - Innovagen

Hydrafinil - 9-Hydroxyfluorene 100mg (40 caps) Wakefulness - Innovagen

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Hydrafinil promotes wakefulness and alertness.
  • wakefulness. 9 fluorenol is a eugeroic that keeps you awake without feeling tired or sluggish. It helps with short term attention and can sustain alertness for a longer period.
  • enhanced mood. Many people believe that a dose of the powder or pill can boost their state of mind because of its serotonergic effect.
  • less stimulating. Fluoren 9 ol’s overall effect is thought to be milder thus, adverse reactions may be more unlikely.
  • less addictive. Due to the decreased psycho-stimulation, the powder is less addictive compared to modafinil.
Dosage: 50-150 mg. Take it in the morning as early as possible after wake-up to minimize negative effects on sleep.
Hydrafinil can be stacked with other nootropics to get the most of its potential benefits.

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Hydrafinil - 9-Hydroxyfluorene 100mg (40 caps) Wakefulness - Innovagen

Dosage and packing: 50mg/40caps

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