Omnadren 250mg/mL - Testosterone Blend, Jelfa

Brand: Jelfa, Poland

Substance: Testosterone Propionate

Dosage and packing: 250mg/ml (1 ampl by 1ml)


Availability: In stock

Thanks to the combination of 4 testosterone esters, Omnadren 250 provides its users with gradual and constant muscle mass growth. The enhanced male sex hormone concentration stimulates protein synthesis, increases appetite, improves metabolism and brings forth a surge of energy.



Omnadren is a rare oil-based testosterone bland steroid that features four different testosterone esters. Containing Propionate, Phenylpropionate, Isocaproate and Isocaproate, this medication works to establish immediate release as well as other esters which are slower to release. Phenylpropionate and propionate esters are extremely quickly utilized throughout the body and finish circulation through the bloodstream within just a few days. The remaining esters stay in the bloodstream and continue to produce performance-enhancing results. Due to the strong anabolic and androgenic activity taking this medication can produce excellent gains when it comes to gaining strength and muscle mass. Athletes begin to see a noticeable difference in performance and the product can also increase their libido and sexual drive as well. To reduce the chances of estrogen-based side effects from occurring it's important to add anti-estrogens to your cycle including Femera, and Arimidex. It's also important to take medications like HCG and Nolvadex at the end of your steroid cycle so that your body can continue producing testosterone hormones and to ensure that you can keep all of your strength results after the cycle is completed. The recommended dosage for Omnadren 250 for men is 250-1000 milligrams per week divided into two doses.This product should not be used by women.

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