Novo-Pharm Testosterone Suspension 100mg/ml

Brand: Novo-pharm, Canada

Substance: Testosterone Base

Dosage and packing: 100mg/ml (10mL)


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Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension is pure water-based testosterone, which makes it get into the body and start its action quicker than other drugs. This is important for those that want mass and strength improvements as quickly as possible. 



Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension General Description

Testosterone Suspension is an anabolic androgenic medication developed as an aqueous unesterified testosterone solution (it does not contain ester residue, which is typical of other male hormone-based steroid drugs). It is mainly used for muscle mass gain and strength performance enhancements in bodybuilding and strength sports. The active agent is characterized by its rapid action in the body and a high likelihood of adverse reactions, especially in the case of painful injections.
Contrary to popular belief that Testosterone Suspension is better used in pre-competitive stages as the active agent is excreted from the body in one day, this strategy is not advised – it is almost impossible to avoid muscle fluid accumulation during the process, which can negatively affect the championship results. The steroid has a number of significant pharmacological characteristics:
• the anabolic index is 100% of testosterone;
• the androgenic action is 100% of testosterone;
• the duration of action in the body is up to 2 days;
• the detection time for traces of steroid metabolites in the body is several weeks (if the latest technologies in mass spectrometry and gas chromatography are used);
• toxic impact on the liver is nonexistent.
Testosterone Suspension was developed in the 1930s and it was the first anabolic steroid drug in the world. There is no ester in the drug's formula, which is why 100 mg of the active agent is 100 mg of "pure" testosterone, while enanthate provides the body only with 72 mg of "pure" hormone, while the remaining amounts are distributed to the ester.

Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension Benefits

Regardless of the fact that, due to its fundamental effect on the body, Testosterone Suspension does not vary from other types of the synthetic male hormone, the steroid has some special characteristics. These include the substance's fast half-life and the rapid anabolic effect that can be detected the very next day after the start of the cycle. The drug is similar to the short ester of propionate by its anabolic properties. It produces the following effects:
• muscle mass gain;
• improved strength;
• increased insulin-like growth factor;
• increased sex drive;
• reduced subcutaneous fat deposits;
• increased amount of red blood cells, which improves endurance.
It has been said that those muscle groups that are directly injected with the solution see the greatest increases. This is not the case, however, otherwise the asymmetry or local hypertrophy could be observed, similar to the cases of synthol use, which appear repulsive.

Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension Possible Side Effects

The steroid's pharmacokinetic ability (a rapid increase in concentration in the bloodstream) guarantees significant positive effects and extreme adverse reactions. Testosterone Suspension has a high androgenic index resulting in the following acneiform rash, accumulation of excess fluid, gynecomastia.
To mitigate adverse reactions during the process, it’s necessary to use aromatase inhibitors. Novo-pharm Proviron, Novo-pharm Arimidex or Novo-pharm Femara may be included. It is recommended to use antiestrogens such as Novo-pharm Clomid or Novo-pharm Nolvadex to start PCT after the cycle. In all cases, post-cycle therapy must be done (sometimes athletes use antiestrogens beginning from the first day of the cycle, but use aromatase inhibitors during the cycle is best). Users of the solo cycle can begin restoring the body two days after the final injection.
Toxic effects on the activity of the liver arise only with extremely high dosages. Painful injections (not as pronounced as Winstrol or propionate) produce negative reactions. The suspension contains pure testosterone, leading to potent anabolic and androgenic effects. For female athletes, the use of this steroid is strictly contraindicated as undesirable effects such as virilization may be too strong to fix with post-cycle therapy.

Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension Administration and Dosage

Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension keeps the maximum hormone concentration in the bloodstream for 2-3 days, which is why intramuscular injections are performed daily. The daily dose varies from about 50 to 500 mg. Experienced athletes can use 100 mg a day, dividing the dosage into two daily injections. In order to minimize the risk of developing local adverse reactions, each new injection must be made in a new area. The period length should not exceed 4-5 weeks as the active agent has an enormous impact on the functioning of the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis while inhibiting the natural testosterone production. If the steroid cycle is planned to last longer than 6 weeks, it is essential that gonadotropin is injected weekly.

Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension Combined Cycles

Novo-pharm Testosterone Suspension can be paired with steroids and vitamin B12 based on water and oil (it can reduce injection pain). To relieve injection pain, lidocaine or novocaine may be applied to the syringe. Testosterone Suspension can be combined with Nandrolone, Oxymetholone, Boldenone, Trenbolone and others for muscle mass gain:
• Testosterone Suspension + Methandrostenolone. Methandrostenolone - 20 mg, Suspension - 50 mg.
• Testosterone Suspension + Nandrolone. Suspension - 50 mg daily, Nandrolone - 200 mg injected weekly. Cycle’s duration - 5 weeks.
• Testosterone Suspension + Equipoise. Equipoise - 400 mg weekly, Suspension - 50 mg weekly. Cycle’s duration - no more than 6 weeks.
Several steroids shall not be used at once in the same syringe irrespective of the base, whether it is oil or water. In any case, after a combined cycle, PCT and the use of aromatase inhibitors should not be neglected as AAS actively convert into estrogens and produce gynecomastia.

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