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Noopept 10mg/50tabs | Apoxar

Noopept 10mg/50tabs | Apoxar

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  • Enhances mental performance
  • Boosts cognition, memory
  • Improves verbal fluidity
  • Improves sociability

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Noopept is a nootropic agent, created to stimulate cognitive function. It can:

  • Increase learning ability;
  • Provide memory consolidation and restoration;
  • Improve logical reasoning.

Where Noopept Stands Among Other Nootropics?

Noopept is a member of the racetam family and shares similar mechanisms of action with this family, but is potentially up to 1000 times more powerful than piracetam, which is widely used as an adjunct treatment for chronic cognitive and neurosensory impairment in older people.

It is able to stimulate various receptors - dopaminergic (D2 and D3), cholinergic, nicotinic and serotoninergic, as well as reduce anxiety, stress and irritability, and improve mood and quality of sleep.

Noopept Effects & Mechanism of Action

Noopept stimulates the expression of two proteins in the hippocampus - the neurotrophins NGF (nerve growth factor) and BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), involved in the generation and growth of new neurons.

It's a highly beneficial property: it helps neurons survive and maintains their activity. Its effect continues even after administration of Noopept ceases.

It also stimulates the glutaminergic receptors AMPA and NMDA which play an essential role in memory and synaptic plasticity, thus improving cerebral performance.

This active compound has excellent bioavailability when taken sublingually, demonstrating immediate efficacy and visible results within just five to seven days of daily use.

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