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Lust for Laughs (Terpene Injection) 100mg/mL | Innovagen

Lust for Laughs (Terpene Injection) 100mg/mL | Innovagen

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Makes psychedelic experience better and smoother.
Administer 0.5cc 45 minutes before Cannabis or THC.

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Innovagen's "Lust for Laughs" is a scientifically formulated Terpene Injection designed to enrich your mood and intensify the positive effects of cannabis use. It combines the medical benefits of terpenes to provide a nuanced, uplifted experience tailored for a smoother experience with weed.

Key Ingredients:

  • Alpha-Humalene has anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief and a deeper sense of relaxation without sedationt.
  • Alpha-Pinene aids in memory retention and alertness, while also providing respiratory benefits by acting as a bronchodilator. Particularly beneficial for those looking to mitigate some of THC's cognitive effects.
  • Beta-Ocimene provides anti-inflammatory and antiviral attributes. Beta-Ocimene supports the body's natural defense mechanisms and promotes overall wellness, adding a layer of health benefits to your cannabis experience.
  • Valencene boost energy and cognitive function, counters potential drowsiness caused by cannabis and ensures a more engaged and lively experience.

Recommended Use: Inject up to 0.5cc intramuscularly about 45 minutes prior to smoking cannabis. Note that Lust for Laughs may significantly enhance appetite.

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