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LigaMax LGD-3033 10mg/50tabs | NeoSARMS

LigaMax LGD-3033 10mg/50tabs | NeoSARMS

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  • Bulking compound
  • Improves gains quality.
  • Increases endurance and strength indicators.
  • Strengthens joints and ligaments.
  • Speeds up recovery from injuries and competitions.

Dosage: 15-20mg a day.

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LGD-3033 is a new kind of muscle-building pill made by the same company that created LGD-4033, aka Ligandrol. But LGD-3033 is special because it helps you build muscle, get stronger, and perform better — with no water retention. It also has a shorter half-life.


First, it helps your muscles grow bigger and stronger without making you puffy with water weight.

It also helps you burn fat, which means you can get a lean, mean look.

Plus, it's designed to avoid the bad side effects that some other muscle pills can cause, like making your hair fall out or causing problems with your prostate (a gland guys have).

How Does It Work?

LGD-3033 works its magic by sticking to certain spots on your muscles. When it does this, your muscles get a signal to grow and become stronger.

And because LGD-3033 is picky about where it sticks, it doesn't bother other parts of your body, making it a safer choice.

LGD-3033 vs. LGD-4033

LGD-4033 is known for making muscles bigger quickly but can make you hold onto water weight.

LGD-3033, on the other hand, gives you muscle growth without the extra water, making your gains look cleaner.

In short:

  • LGD-4033 is great for bulking up fast.
  • LGD-3033 is better if you want to look lean and strong without the puffiness.

How Much Should You Take?

For LGD-4033, guys usually take 5-10mg every day, and girls start with a little less.

For LGD-3033, you might take a bit more, but it helps you get lean while growing muscle. Always remember, more isn't always better, and it's smart to keep an eye on how you feel.

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