Jamp Femara - Letrozole 2.5mg/30tabs

Brand: Cobalt, Canada

Substance: Letrozole

Dosage and packing: 2.5 mg/tab (30 tabs)


Availability: In stock

Letrozole is used during a steroid cycle to block their aromatization and avoid any excess fluid retention, high blood pressure, large amounts of intra-muscular fat and gynecomastia.



Letrozole is otherwise known as Femara. It acts as a strong aromatase inhibitor that was originally developed to fight against breast cancer. For athletes taking steroids which regularly aromatize, Letrozole can be extremely beneficial in preventing estrogen related side effects such as acne, gyno and water retention. Letrozole also ensures that testosterone production in the body is raised due to a lower estrogen production rate. Taking Letrozole before a competition is one of the best ways that you can shed any of the extra water weight that you might've picked up during a cycle. Letrozole is extremely fast acting and generally stays in the body for about 40 hours. It works as a type II inhibitor which completely inhibits the ability of our bodies to convert testosterone interest rigid. Letrozole also works to create an increase in luteinizing hormone levels which can generate greater testosterone production. An increase in luteinizing hormones is extremely effective for bodybuilders and can actually help older athletes find greater results. Letrozole is not only effective on bodybuilders but also extremely effective at reducing breast tissue tumors. This means that for athletes that regularly struggle with gynocomasia it can reduce even the most severe enlargements of breast tissue which is pre-existing. By taking a larger dose of 2.5mcg each day it's possible that you can reduce large-scale estrogen spikes as well as eliminate serious conditions that might have occurred as a result of estrogen-based side effects. If you are sensitive to gyno side effects or have pre-existing evidence of gynocomasia from a previous cycle this is definitely the medication for you. The recommended dosage is 1.25-2.5mg per day.

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