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NMC (N-METHYL-CYCLAZODONE) 5mg/30 tablets - Innovagen

NMC (N-METHYL-CYCLAZODONE) 5mg/30 tablets - Innovagen


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N-Methyl-Cyclazodone is a nootropic and potent wakefulness agent.It is often compared to Cyclopropyl Pemoline with lesser toxicity and side effects.

  • Central nervous system stimulant and antidepressant
  • Provides physical and cognitive stimulation
  • Increases wakefulness,alertness and attentiveness
  • Substantially boosts motivation and mood
  • Improves sociability and verbal fluency

Administration: 5-10 mg/day once extra allertness and focus is needed
Safety: Possible side effects are an increased heart rate and dry mouth

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NMC (N-METHYL-CYCLAZODONE) 5mg/30 tablets by Innovagen

Dosage and packing: 5mg/30tabs

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