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Hydrafinil (9-Hydroxyfluorene) 75mg/tab, 60tabs | Innovagen

Hydrafinil (9-Hydroxyfluorene) 75mg/tab, 60tabs | Innovagen

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Enhances memory.
Improvies attention and information processing.
Dosage: 75-150 mg. Take it in the morning as early as possible after wake-up to minimize negative effects on sleep. Hydrafinil can be stacked with other nootropics to get the most of its potential benefits.

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Hydrafinil, also known as Fluorenol is a cognitive stimulants used as an eugeroic (attentiveness advancing agent). Hydrafinil has also been shown to enhance short-term visual memory, as well as improving attention and information processing. Also, it may decrease impulsitivity and increase logical thinking.
Hydrafinil bolsters psychomotor vigilance and cognitive performance principally via upregulation of dopaminergic and noradrenergic transmission.

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