Many athletes, bodybuilders, and those who want to start these drugs think that they know everything about them, but some facts can surprise even the most experienced guys.

1. SARMS are not steroids.

SARMS means "Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulators." Their function is to modulate androgen receptors in concrete places in the body to elucidate a precise response. 

There are several types:

  • SARM that increases a muscle mass (they induce the androgen receptor in the muscle tissue)
  • SARM that used for cutting and fat burning.

In general, SARMS are known for their ability to give an athlete muscle mass, and, in the future, they might become a great alternative for anabolic steroids.

2. There are a lot of options.

Now SARMS are used by bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass and reduce body fat. Here are some of them:

  • The building of the muscle mass: Ligandrol, Testolone

  • Losing of fat: Cardarine, Andarine

  • Preserving of muscles during cuts: Ostarine

  • Reconstruction of the body: Ligandrol

  • Vascularity: Testolone

  • Power: Ligandrol, Testolone

  • Persistence for cardio: Cardarine, Stenabolic

3. They do not have an androgenic effect.

SARMS do not have androgenic activity, therefore, they became extremely popular; that is to say, they do what the bodybuilder seeks: give a muscle mass, increase power, and do not make you losing hair and getting acne.

4. You can use SARMS in the cycle.

Primarily, there was an opinion that two SARMS will contest for the one androgen receptor; that is why it was not recommended to stack them. However, many athletes have started to use SARMS in stacks, and they have shown excellent results. You should not be afraid of using it in the stacks.

5. Side effects that can be unknown.

SARMS are still being studied, that is why there can be some unpredictable effects. However, it is known that little doses and short term cycles would not give you severe side effects. The long term is not yet studied, but there are some disadvantages found; for example, healthy men had Testosterone suppression using only 1 mg of Ligandrol.

6. Suppression.

It was noticed that on the 4-5 week of the cycle, SARMS could cause some Testosterone suppression. It happens because these drugs fight with Testosterone that your body produces. There are several factors why you can be suppressed:

  • your reaction to the drug

  • the quality of SARMS

  • the quantity of SARMS used in one stack

7. Buying the SARMS.

Buying SARMS for you online is always an unpredictable adventure.