SR9009 is a SARM, often referred to as bee's knees, due to its tremendous advantage of increasing endurance.

This drug primarily used to boost your performance to incredible levels, but that is far from its only merit. Let's take a closer look at this substance.

What is it?

Stenabolic is a REV-ERB agonist, it affects the circadian rhythm of tissue, liver, muscle, and brain. Its mechanism is considered a little complex, which is why is known as the "biological clock". It works like a loop that activates and deactivates individual genes.

Its use increases the activity of REV-ERBs, which improves nutrient bioavailability. It has also been found that these substances help in the treatment of chronic obesity, heart failure, and other similar conditions that cause muscle wasting.

Increased Energy Intensity

If we talk about its active principle, then the stream of energy will be different from taking a coffee or energy drink.

Stenabolic increases energy levels and stamina through various mechanisms such as increased blood circulation. When blood is flowing in excess, it means that you need to supply more oxygen to every part of your body and deliver nutrients to every cell. The cells then absorb nutrients and generate energy quickly.

The essence of its work is to increase mitochondria production in cells and gradually remove old, damaged ones. It makes the weight seem lighter; you can take shorter breaks between sets and do more reps with more weight.

These changes will make a big difference and make you look better than others. You will immediately become more focused and improve not only your physical side but also your moral one. It will also make your body feel more responsive as if it were in a constant training mode, increasing your basal metabolic rate.

Use for Weight loss

Stenabolic increases the activity of proteins of the REV-ERP group; They force the body to use stored fat as its primary energy source, which leads to accelerated fat.

Your body will control fat burning 24/7. You should switch to a calorie deficient diet to make it more effective, and you can also try to combine it with Cardarine for better results

Use for Lean Body Mass

Stenabolic is one of the best drugs in this case. It increases your lean body mass by repeating the effect of exercise.

The usual cycle of the drug will already help you quite well, and, what is the most pleasant thing - the risk of side effects is minimal. The standard cycle continues for eight weeks.

Sometimes, the drug is used by people who, due to physical limitations, cannot visit gyms, which is a massive plus for them.

Reduced Lipid levels and Bioavailability

Stenabolic simultaneously reduces the LDL and triglycerides levels and increases HDL. Even a small amount of the drug will already help to avoid an increase in lipid levels. This action will be appreciated by regular users of SARMs or anabolic steroids.

The bioavailability of this drug is 24%, and if it is combined with others, such as DMSO, the percentage will be higher. This will significantly enhance your workout results, your endurance, and fat burning.