1. Superdrol

Despite the daunting list of side effects reported by many online, the rapid gains in hard, legal mass were too much to pass up for almost any weightlifter with internet access. Few over-the-counter prohormones gained the level of widespread recognition that Superdrol was able to accomplish shortly after its release in 2005, and hang on to well past its 2012 ban. This is the only prohormone that I’ve seen with so much popularity that once made illegal, it was readily prominent on underground steroid suppliers’ source lists and remains so today. Who would have thought that an over-the-counter supplement would ever make this list, let alone the top spot!

Also referred to as methasterone, this potent oral is notorious for liver damage from the di-methyl bond, headaches from blood pressure increases, rapidly declining lipid values and many reporting the development of gynecomastia after discontinuing usage (perhaps due to poor PCT practices, learn more about proper post cycle therapy here: https://muscle-gear.net/post-cycle-therapy)

2. Methyltrienolone

Any drug that requires a dosage of less than 1mg leaves great room for dosing errors, both for underground manufacturers and the end-user. There is, of course, a much greater risk of overdose, when dealing with such a small dosage. With modern underground preparations varying greatly in quality and dosage, I wouldn’t take any unnecessary chances with trying this drug.

Digging deeper, researchers find nothing that redeems the hazards of this drug. Methyltrienolone is a derivative of the more popular trenbolone (an already harsh drug and the next on our list), the modification comes in the form of methylating the drug to allow for oral dosing. This chemical alteration is designed to allow the substance to avoid a breakdown in the liver. Unfortunately, methylated hormones place a great deal of strain on the liver.

In the case of this particular oral, we are left with an anabolic hundreds of times as potent as methyltestosterone. With a recommended dosage of 1mg or under, there is no anabolic created at this point in time that more potent on a per milligram basis. Don’t let that lure you into attempting a cycle though, as the incredible toxicity and negative effects to cholesterol may only be outmatched by the limited availability of this compound that is no longer sold for human use in any country.

3. Mibolerone

As we discovered with methyltrienolone, any drug that requires microgram dosing is not only going to be extremely potent but also carries an added risk in terms of dosing errors. An extra milligram consumed of mibolerone would pose significantly more risk to a user than if they consumed an extra milligram of an easier tolerated oral such as oxandrolone (Anavar), for example.

Having gained notoriety with past generations of bodybuilders and athletes, you’ll likely hear this substance referred to by its old trade-name, Cheque Drops. This liquid oral solution is well known for being a drug of choice for competitive athletes who benefit from increased and short-lived spikes in aggression, such as powerlifters and boxers. Accompanying that game-day aggression is an unparalleled level of liver toxicity, enough that the few remaining proponents of this drug only recommend it to be used before athletic competition such as a boxing match, football game, or powerlifting meet.

In decades past, a drug like mibolerone may have seemed attractive to athletes who could use it orally before a competition and feel an immediate competitive edge. This is in stark contrast to most anabolic steroids which require injection and accumulated doses before psychological or physiological changes begin to become evident to the athlete. In the modern era of sophisticated drug use by professional athletes, there is now a greater understanding of the science and coaches place a greater emphasis on using more easily tolerated drugs.

This drug has never been approved for use in humans, for good reason.

4. Trenbolone

Trenbolone has always been a polarizing compound, many advanced bodybuilders swear by it, others avoid it entirely. The most popular ester of the drug, trenbolone acetate, was designed for use in veterinary medicine. Improving the feed efficiency of cattle is the primary objective of this drug, and essentially bodybuilders like to use it for the same reason. Humans quickly found this to be one of the best substances ever created for rapidly developing mass and strength. Along with the increase in size and power often comes quite a bit more aggression than users report with other androgens. One quick way to help determine the safety of a compound is to see whether it is approved for use in humans, still prescribed, and deemed safe in the medical and pharmaceutical communities. With trenbolone not meeting the above criteria, those wary of side effects should avoid this drug.

Perhaps the most infamous side-effect associated with trenbolone usage is night sweats (often attributed to an increase in blood pressure). Bodybuilders have taken to posting pictures of their night sweats on social media, and many look like full-body chalk outlines taken at crime scenes. If sweating THAT much doesn’t sound unappealing enough, many users also report an increase in aggression, shortened temper, and increased anxiety. Within the bodybuilding community, trenbolone is one of few steroids where psychological side effects are frequently reported. Also interesting is the darkening of urine, and stress to the liver that is not seen with most injectable, non-methylated steroids. For those concerned about developing gynecomastia, steer clear of trenbolone and all substances that are derivatives of nandrolone, as well as all with moderate to high progestational activity.

5. Oxymetholone

Commonly referred to as Anadrol-50, this substance is viewed as being among the least liver toxic methylated oral steroids available. While your liver may be relatively unfazed by a moderate dose of this drug, the cardiovascular system takes a beating. The copious amounts of water weight gained make for simultaneously rewarding and painful muscle pumps. That said, the excess water weight makes the heart work that much harder, and is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure. Furthermore, clinical testing showed a drastic drop in HDL (“good” cholesterol) when subjects took 50-100mg of oxymetholone(1).

While far too many bodybuilders make unfortunate short-sighted decisions, taking care of one's cardiovascular system is paramount to maintaining and improving health, strength, and athleticism. All PED users should place a particular emphasis on regular cardiovascular activity along with following healthy eating habits, such as consuming plenty of water, fiber, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and unprocessed meats.

Of course, there is no absolute method for determining which anabolic is the most dangerous, or the least. A plethora of genetic and environmental factors may play into how side effects will or will not occur in a particular user. One extra way to ensure your safety is to double-check that what you are taking is the same compound listed on the label. 


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