Winstrol (brand name Stanahozol) is one of the most famous and notable anabolic steroids on the planet, utilized for jocks and competitors hoping to cut weight and look lean and tore.

Basically, used to improve body, athletic performance and strength as opposed to for building.

Top-north for an exceptionally powerful cutting steroid able to do quick outcomes that make a hard search inside only days, making it a most loved among serious and proficient clients.


  • Created in 1962, it was generally utilized as a professionally prescribed medicine to treat Anemia and osteoporosis

  • Likewise used to assist people with increasing their weight somewhat, and to keep up their weight and effectively used to battle lean tissue squandering and has had a ton of achievement

  • Was later found to have overpowering adequacy for athletic-boosting purposes

  • Had a lot of media regard for be related with the most significant athletic steroid outrage ever.

  • In 1988, Canadian runner Ben Johnson tried positive for the steroid after complete control and winning the gold at that year's Summer Olympics. In addition to the fact that Johnson destroyed his opposition effortlessly

  • That in that spot as of now affirms that this steroid is the genuine article


  • Apoxar Winstrol (Stanadozol) is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) determined anabolic androgenic steroid.

  • It characterizes as a C17-alpha-alkylated (C17-aa)

  • Winstrol has demonstrated exceptional impact for various performance improvements.

  • This drug is a long-standing most loved among serious weight lifters and physical make-up based competitors during cutting or challenge prep stages.

  • Stanozolol is likewise a top steroid of decision for various execution competitors because of its capacity to advance strength and endurance without undesirable mass.

  • Considered to have an all the more remarkable anabolic to androgenic impact contrasted and testosterone

  • Doesn't aromatize in this manner don't have the negative Estrogenic reactions like water maintenance, gyno, and so on.


Performance Enhancement - it helps red platelet checks, giving more vitality to the muscles to work more diligently and longer before they start to tire

Strength - Achieve more prominent quality without building up. Anticipate observable gains in speed, force, endurance and perseverance also.

Fit muscle development - no water maintenance gives your body a hard and slender look, frequently inside insignificant days, expanding vascularity as a for a more tore, hard and fit body.

Doesn't aromatize - which means it can't change over into estrogen, so no Estrogenic impacts like weight gain, gyno, water maintenance, hormonal changes

Ideal for cutting cycles - Winstrol will assist you with cutting fat while saving your current fit muscle.


It is accessible in both oral and injectable structures.

Winstrol oral half-life: 9 hrs

Winstrol infusion half-life: 24 hrs

No contrast between the qualities of oral & injectable Winstrol. 5mg of either type is the same

Here's a gander at a normal measurements of Stanozolol.

For cutting, doses run from 25 – 50mg consistently.

For building, 100mg every day is suggested.

Also, for quality increments, around 75mg every day is suggested


Cholesterol-impacts on your cholesterol levels, in this way Cholesterol levels ought to be observed during a Winstrol cycle particularly when you are inclined to cholesterol issues. keep up a trim and lean eating diet with cholesterol-friendly food food

Hepatotoxicity(for oral admission)- Liver is consistently a high hazard for harm with oral steroids, you should avoid alcohol abuse, have a go at restricting Winstrol use from 6 to about two months and have in-between breaks for liver recovery. You ought to likewise utilize an enhancement, for example, Milk Thistle which has considerable liver-ensuring characteristics.

Increased Urination and Joint Pain-since Winstrol have no water maintenance impacts, it's great in forming a lean, hard physical make-up. The loss of liquids can realize joint torment, making it imperative to devour enough water while you're on this steroid which obviously will pee a lot of times.

Concealment or shut down of HPTA (Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis)- HPTA controls basic hormone creation including testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH), so simply like other anabolic steroids, Winstrol suppresses this function or shut it down, along these lines, post cycle treatment (PCT) is basic for recovery of this hormonal capacity.

Heart palpitation-increases quick pulses, so it's unreasonable to utilize Winstrol with prior heart conditions.


Notwithstanding experience level, the most extreme length of a Winstrol cycle is prescribed to be no longer than about two months due to the effects on your cholesterol and liver. A 6-multi week Winstrol cycle is viewed as normal.


A day by day measurement between 40mg to 80mg day by day of oral Apoxar Winstrol for a multi week would be sufficient.

Winstrol for quality – 25mg consistently for 8 – 10 weeks

Winstrol for cutting – 50mg consistently for 6 – two months

Winstrol for building – 100mg consistently for about a month


When on a 40mg - 80mg day by day consumption, stack it with a steroid-like Trenbolone to accomplish most extreme fat destruction while holding slender muscle and achieving a hard, tore and a solid appearance before the finish of the cycle

When on a most extreme measurement of 100mg every day, which is normal for cutting edge clients who are preparing for an opposition -

during the six to eight week cycle. Beginning with 50mg day by day for the initial a month and expanding to 100mg over the last fourteen days.

You could stack Testosterone Enanthate at up to 500mg every week and relying upon in general objectives for the staying fourteen days.


Winstrol stifles your ordinary creation of testosterone, so PCT is there to restore this hormone work once more, both to hold gains and body upgrades you've made on your cycle, and for your general wellbeing.

In a perfect world, you should run Clomid/Nolvadex.

Day 1(the day in the wake of closure the cycle): 60mg Nolva day by day

Day 2: 40mg day by day

Days 10 – 21: 20mg every day

You additionally need to ensure that you are utilizing a Milk Thistle supplement for included liver help.

You have to keep that you ensure the liver consistently, that why you have to utilize Milk-thorn supplement previously, during and after the cycle.


Does stanozolol increase testosterone?

The utilization of Winstrol reduces testosterone creation, post cycle treatment (PCT) is basic for the recovery of this hormonal function.

Is stanozolol a testosterone?

Stanozolol is a manufactured steroid that is like common testosterone which has been gotten from dihydrotestosterone. DHT is created normally in the body by means of change of testosterone.

What's more, it offers the same impacts of male qualities like testosterone and much more

Is Winstrol unlawful?

Utilized as a drug in certain nations, and in others, utilizing or buying Winstrol without prescription particularly in sports is illegal. With regards to testing, a little single portion of 5mg tablet is recognizable in the pee for as long as ten days.

Do you need PCT for a Winstrol just cycle?

PCT for a Winstrol is consistently vital because Winstrol stifles your regular testosterone creation post-cycle treatment (PCT) is basic for the recovery of this hormonal capacity.

Does Winstrol influence your state of mind?

Winstrol influences the body's common hormone work and therefore, is fit for affecting your temperament and so this could be something to think about when you're utilizing Winstrol so you can change your measurements when it's necessary


  • For the most part, it's used to improve performance and strength as opposed to for building.

  • Apoxar Winstrol guarantees you don't lose your well-deserved additions while destroying fat and getting tore, regardless of whether for rivalry or your very own objectives.

  • It's a notable steroid for burning fat while holding muscle, and will likewise assist you with quicker recovery