Pramipexole is a generic term for mirapex. It is a dopamine agonist, which is used in treatment of Parkinson's diseases. Also, it is used to treat restless legs syndrome. Dopamine agonists relieve the symptoms by acting on dopamine receptors directly. They mimic the actions of the endogenous neurotransmitter dopamine. 

There are two subclasses of dopamine agonists, which are non-ergoline, and ergoline agonists. Both of them target dopamine D2-type of receptors. Pramipexole belongs to the non-ergoline agonists. The dosage of this drug is determines by the physician prescribing it after coming up with a diagnosis. You should follow the prescribed dosage judiciously.

Uses of mirapex

Mirapex is taken through the oral route. It is not necessary to eat before taking it. If the therapy is interrupted significantly, re-titration of the drug is a must. The drug is usually taken on a long-term basis. 

Dosage in Parkinson’s disease

Dosage should be initiated at sub-therapeutic level. This helps avoid orthostatic hypotension and intolerable side effects. The dose has to be regulated to attain the optimal therapeutic effect. Balancing against the main adverse and side effects is a must too. They include hallucinations, dyskinesia, dry mouth and somnolence.

The drug dosage should be as follows:

Day 1: 0.125mgs 3 times a day to a total of 0.375mgs

Day 2: 0.25mgs 3 times per day to a maximum of 0.75mgs

Day 3: 0.5mgs 3 times per day to a maximum of 1.50mgs

Day 4: 0.75mgs 3 times per day to a maximum of 2.25mgs

Day 5: 1mgs 3times per day to a maximum of 3.0mgs

Day 6: 1.25mgs 3 times a day to a maximum of 3.75mgs

Day 7: 1.5mgs 3 times a day to a maximum of 4.50mgs 

Missed drug

If pramipexole is meant for treatment of Parkinson's disease, the dose, which has been missed, should be taken immediately you remember. However, you should skip the dose and continue with the normal schedule if you remember a short while before the next scheduled dose. At no circumstance should you take tow doses because you missed one.. 

If you have been prescribed pramipexole in treatment of restless leg syndrome, you should skip the dose you have missed. Make sure you take the regular dose 2-3 hours before you go to bed. Double dosing is prohibited.


You should visit the hospital in case of over-dosage for remedy action. The drug should be labelled correctly and the frequency and dosage reviewed before intake to decrease probability of mistakes.