Bacteriostatic Water 30mL

Brand: Hospira

Dosage and packing: 30 ml vial

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Brand: Hospira, Canada



Size: 30ml



Bacteriostatic water - is a substance that is used by people in order to manufacture pharmaceutical products of liquid forms. This water includes 0.9% of benzyl alcohol 9mg / 1ml.

What is a bacteriostatic water: its qualities and description as a solvent

Usually, this solvent is used in medicine and sports practice for making injection or infusion solutions, to achieve the best conditions for the effectiveness and consistency of water and substrates.

In sports such as bodybuilding, bacteriostatic water is used for dilution of pharmacological agents, such as peptides, and in medicine - for the making pharmaceutical solutions.

Bacteriostatic water has some advantages which its counterparts (saline solution, sterile water, etc.) do not posses. First of all, the presence of benzyl alcohol in bacteriostatic water should be noted. It destroys all kinds of bacteria known to science, thereby protecting solution from their penetration and distribution).

While piercing the rubber cap of vial, you may insert harmful bacteria in solution which normally quickly multiply in sterile water. Injections that are influenced by bacteria’s actions may cause various infections.

Bacteriostatic water: instruction and method of usage

Method of bacteriostatic water’s usage largely depends on the drug which will be dissolved on its base (expiration date of solutions and their dosages may vary depending on the substance). For example, if we dissolve the peptide GHRP-2 or Gonadorelin, the expiration date will be 30-35 days. If we dissolve Selank peptide, then its expiration date will be no more than 30 days, which is much more than use of saline solution or sterile water.

As for dilution, it should be mentioned that almost all pharmacological substances have universal instruction concerning bacteriostatic water. First, wipe vials with drug and with "solvent" alcohol. Then input the needed amount of solution with insulin syringe into the vial.

Make sure that the water for injection flows evenly along the walls of the ampoule. Wait for total dissolution of the solvent and the drug (it is not recommended to shake the vial in order to speed up the process), then you can make the injection.

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