Apoxar Aromasin - Exemestane 25mg/30tabs

Brand: Apoxar, Canada

Substance: Exemestane

Dosage and packing: 25 mg/tab (30 tabs)


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Apoxar Aromasin is an aromatase inhibitor used during PCT or a drug cycle for reducing the possible negative side effects caused by anabolic steroids. 



Apoxar Aromasin General Description

Apoxar Aromasin (Exemestane) is a potent antiestrogenic medicinal drug widely used in bodybuilding and other power sports for treating negative side effects associated with estrogen, caused by using potent androgenic and anabolic steroids. The drug can also be used during steroid cycles to treat gynecomastia, high blood pressure, excessive water retention, female pattern fat deposits, reduced libido and low sexual activity. This aromatase inhibitor is also often used during post-cycle therapy to reduce the estradiol levels after the steroid cycle’s been complete. At first, Aromasin (like a lot of other antiestrogen drugs) was produced strictly for medicinal usage in treating estrogen-related cancers. Nowadays it’s popular among athletes and is relatively safe for humans due to its medicinal origins, assuming users employ proper dosages. The drug is produced in tablets, 1 tablet containing 25 mg of the active agent. The safety and effectiveness of exemestane have been proved time and again by lab and clinical testing, which lead to the drug becoming an FDA approved medication. However, the usage of this antiestrogen is strictly controlled in sports due to many aromatase inhibitors being considered performance-enhancing substances.
A substance called exemestane is the active agent of Apoxar Aromasin. Exemestane is considered an antiestrogen due to its pharmacological class and action. It is a third-generation aromatase inhibitor, initially produced for medicinal usage. It was manufactured as white crystalline powder which dissolved in alcohol but not in water before tablets became its primary form.
The drug action of exemestane is similar to other antiestrogens such as letrozole or anastrozole. Aromasin irreversibly inhibits the aromatase enzymes, binding with the active aromatase center. This leads to the suppressed production of female sex hormones (estrogens). Aromasin is of the steroidal origin unlike many other antiestrogens. This lets the drug produce slight androgenic activity without any progestogenic or estrogen activity.
Thanks to the increased number of hormones that stimulate testosterone production, it is possible to reduce the estrogen levels as well as increase the androgen amount if proper dosages are used. However, Aromasin is less effective that testosterone boosters.
The main effect of this drug is anti-estrogenic, meaning a decrease in the amount of estrone, estradiol and estrone sulfate by 60-80% of the initial concentration in the bloodstream. The aromatase inhibitor does not affect the synthesis of cortisol, nor does it affect the production of aldosterone in the adrenal glands and the thyroxine secretion in the thyroid gland.

Apoxar Aromasin Benefits

Apoxar Aromasin allows for significant decreases in estrogen concentration in the bloodstream, which leads to a more stable endocrine profile without any spikes during or after a steroid cycle. Bodybuilders often use Exos due to the following positive effects:
reduced concentration of estrogens by 60-80%;

  • increased amount of anabolic hormones;
  • helps in preventing gynecomastia;
  • improves excess fluid excretion;
  • improves body definition;
  • normalizes the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis function;
  • restores normal blood pressure.

The maximal concentration of the active component of Aromasin is reached in 2 hours after a single intake. This allows for quick manifestation of the drug’s beneficial effects. The aromatase inhibitor is completely excreted from the body in a week after intake.

Apoxar Aromasin Possible Side Effects

Aromasin can be used by experienced athletes and beginners both, but exceeding the set dosages can lead to suspension of muscle growth, depression, insomnia, nausea, reduced libido, excessive sweating, acne, reduced bone density, pain in the joints. These effects quickly disappear after lowering the dosage or fully stopping the drug intake. Despite its effectiveness, Exos by Pharmacom Labs is forbidden for the elderly and for athletes suffering from kidney diseases, myocardial infarction and other heart diseases, oversensitivity to the active agent.

Apoxar Aromasin Administration and Dosage

Apoxar Aromasin can be used in traditional medicine and in pharmacology of sport and exercise. The optimal daily dosage should be maintained at 12.5-25 mg. This dosage should be enough for suppressing gynecomastia and reducing the estrogens production. There’s no point in increasing the recommended dosages above the optimal level, this will only lead to further risks of negative side effects with no benefits. The drug is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and experts recommend using the drug after food intake since food allows for quicker tablet absorption (+40%). There are several methods for the drug intake:

the minimal dosage of 12.5 mg every other day starting from the first week for the whole drug cycle to prevent adverse side effects;

the drug can be included in a cycle in cases of manifesting gynecomastia symptoms or other side effects at the start, in the middle or in the end of the steroid cycle, the dosage in this case is at 25 mg daily until all symptoms are suppressed, then - 12.5 mg every other day.

Apoxar Aromasin is recommended during especially heavy steroid cycles which posses higher risks of side effects associated with estrogens. The drug is not necessary during milder drug cycles or when using anabolic and androgenic steroids that don’t aromatize.

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