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HCG 5000IU (PCT) - Gonasi

HCG 5000IU (PCT) - Gonasi


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Gonadotropin (HCG) is used to stimulate testicles to restore testosterone and sperm production during or after a steroid cycle which has caused natural levels to be reduced. Also, using HCG with TRT or during steroid cycle can restore your testicles to their normal, healthy size and function. 

  • Used after a cycle, to help restore testosterone production more quickly (in combo with Nolvadex or Clomid)
  • On cycle, in an effort to avoid testicular atrophy during steroid administration.
  • Usage: 2000-3000 Units every 2nd or 3rd day, taken for no longer than 2 or 3 weeks.

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Gonasi HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Classification: Polypeptide hormone
Estrogenic None
Water Retention None
Aromatization: None
Hepatotoxicity None
Recommended Dosage: 500-3000 IU 1-3 times/week

Chorionic Gonadotropin is a polypeptide hormone. It is found in the female body during the early months of pregnancy. Chorionic Gonadotropin is present in significant amounts only during pregnancy. FDA-approved uses of HCG are the treatment of hypogonadism and cryptorchidism in men and infertility in women.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in Sports

The main reason for HCG usage by athletes is to increase the endogenous testosterone production during or at the conclusion of cycles. Most anabolic steroids taken in doses to promote muscle gains strongly influence the Hypothalamic-Pituarity-Testes Axis (HTPA) and suppress endogenous test production.

Hypothalamic-Pituarity-Testes Axis HTPA feedback mechanism

Hypothalamus stimulates Pituarity Gland (Hypophysis)
Pituarity Gland (Hypophysis) release Gonadotrophic Hormones
Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH)
FSH and LH hormones stimulate the testes to produce and secrete more testosterone
Increasing endogenous testosterone production.

HCG Pharmacodynamics

HCG mimics the action of the Gonadotropin luteinizing hormone LH and is used as an exogenous form of LH. It is crucial to have high levels of LH in order to have or restore normal endogenous testosterone production.

HCG General Administration

Intramuscular injection – peak concentration in 6 hours
Subcutaneous injection – peak concentration 16-20 hours

HCG Administration Women

Women do not use HCG for physique or performance purposes. The only use of HCG by women is to treat infertility and to induce pregnancy.

HCG Administration Men

The most common use of HCG by athletes and bodybuilders is on cycle to preserve testicular integrity or as part of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).
All Pros and responsible steroid users know about the importance of restoring endogenous testosterone production. The most common PCT protocol is 2000-3000IU 1-3 times/week for no longer than three weeks.
Please note that if used for too long or at the higher than recommended dosages, HCG could desensitize the testes to LH hormone and slower the recovery process.

Cycle Examples

HCG on cycle/HCG as part of PCT
Pro / Intermediate Level
Main Goal: Massive Mass and Strenght Gains
1 Week Dbol 15 mg/day Deca 200 mg/week
2 Week Dbol 20 mg/day Deca 200 mg/week
3 Week Dbol 25 mg/day Deca 200 mg/week
4 Week Dbol 30 mg/day Deca 300 mg/week
5 Week Dbol 30 mg/day Deca 400 mg/week * Nolva 10mg/day * Proviron 25 mg/day
6 Week Dbol 25 mg/day Deca 300 mg/week * Nolva 10mg/day * Proviron 25 mg/day
7 Week Dbol 20 mg/day Deca 200 mg/week * Nolva 10mg/day * Proviron 25 mg/day
8 Week Dbol 15 mg/day * Deca 100 mg/week * HCG 7000 IU/week * Nolva 10mg/day * Proviron 25 mg/day
9 Week HCG 7000 IU/week * Nolva 10mg/day * Proviron 25 mg/day
10 Week HCG 7000 IU/week * Nolva 10mg/day * Proviron 25 mg/day
11 Week Primobolan 200 mg/week * Winstrol (injectable) 100 mg/week

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