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Jelfa is a leading Polish pharmaceutical company that is breaking the notorious cliche about eastern European gear. First of all, Jelfa is just technically located in eastern Europe - the company's leading manufacturing site is located in Jelenia Gora, almost on the border with the Czech Republic and Germany. Besides, it has to undergo all the checks on all the universal European regulations.

Jelfa is not THAT one notorious kind of Eastern European pharmaceutical labs - it can compete with most western companies in the field. The plant's portfolio includes more than 100 drugs of various pharmacotherapeutic groups and forms, including:

  • Dermatological;

  • Dental;

  • Cardiac;

  • Androgenic;

  • Anti-inflammatory.

Also, it's a national leader in dermatological ointments production.

Jelfa Products For Bodybuilding

Performance enhancement has never been a number one priority for Jelfa. However, you definitely can buy some authentic Jelfa gear in Canada to boost your workouts. One of the most prevalent compounds of this kind is Jelfa Omnadren, testosterone mix.

Omnadren Testosterone Blend By Jelfa

A rare and unique mixture contains Testosterone in 4 esters:

  • Propionate;

  • Isocaproate;

  • Caprinate;

  • Phenylpropionate.

This mixture can give you up to 2 weeks of a complex and continuous boost in strength, muscle gains, endurance, and fat loss.