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ANFARM Hellas is a major greek pharmaceutical company, founded in 1967. It claims «providing every country in the world with high-quality generic drugs» its mission, and so far - it seems to work.

What Is Anfarm Hellas Pharmaceuticals

Once a small laboratory on the outskirts of Athens, now the company has five international offices, including one in London. Anfarm Hellas products are popular both domestically in Greece and overseas - in the United States and Europe. Yes, you can buy authentic Anfarm Hellas compounds in Canada. Chances that you've come across one are dramatically high - their factory produces over 20 millions of vials every year.

Anfarm Hellas Products For Bodybuilding

Their products' spectrum includes Anfarm Clomid - aka Clomiphene Citrate, popular for the PCT phase after a hardcore Anabolic Steroids cycle. Anfarm Hellas is a reputable brand of authentic recovery compounds among Canadian bodybuilders, and it's believed to be a classic example of a pharma-grade laboratory.