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Glass – is the typical packaging for injectable drugs. Despite the appearance of an alternative in form of plastic, glass vials haven’t lost their popularity. The reason for this - the barrier and protective properties of the glass, and the absence of reaction with drug compounds, and as a result of the total absence of negative effects. What is more, the glass vial of the drug - it's convenient.

STERILE SERUM VIAL is perfect for blending powder base drugs like HGH and HCG.

You have to dissolve the powder only with such a solute and volume which are mentioned in the instructions.

Dilution procedure:

Remove the foil from the vial so as to open the middle of the rubber stopper. If the solvent is in the ampoule, then take cutter for ampoules - in each box with ampoules such a cutter is attached. Prepare a disposable syringe - take off its pack, but do not take off the cap from the needle.

It is best to use two syringes: one for injection – with the smallest allowable volume (equal to the volume of solvent required). It means, if you dilute the powder with 2 ml of solvent, you do not need to take 10ml syringe. The fact is that normally syringes with a smaller volume have thinner needles.

The second syringe should be of 5-10ml as they have thicker needles which are convenient for easy and fast preparation of the powder solute, and the sterility of the solution will be higher.

Wash your hands with soap and water and wipe them with an alcohol solute. Then wipe the ampoule and vial rubbers with alcohol. Open the needed vials.

Get the needed volume of solvent (usually it’s 2ml of solvent) in large syringe, and then put it into a bottle with a powder, remove the needle of syringe from the stopper, shake the vial until all the powder is dissolved and becomes a clear solute.

Turn the bottle. Take a smaller syringe, input the plunger fully into the syringe, pierce the stopper with a needle and input it in the solution so that the needle is completely covered with the solute (there should be no air in the solution of the syringe). Get all the drug solution into the syringe, wipe the injection place with alcohol. Typically, the drug solution should be injected deeply and quite slowly into the muscle.

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