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HGH Nurotropin - Growth Hormone 100IU

HGH Nurotropin - Growth Hormone 100IU

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Substance: HGH - Growth Hormone

Dosage and packing: 10 iu/vial (10 vials) + solvent

Growth Hormone - great for muscle gains, which stays after cycle. Recommended for fat loss and injury healing. One of the most popular anti-aging compounds.

  • For muscle growth in begginers: 5-8IU per day.
  • For weight loss and anti-aging: 2-3IU per day.
  • Cycle Duration: 3-6 months for optimal results.

Quality Guaranteed: Lab Test Results

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Somatropin 191AA is a specialty version of the human growth hormone powder into freeze-dried format. It contains 191 amino acids that ensure maximum compatibility with human body chemistry. HGH is essentially a fountain of youth for our bodies and helps us to see results like:

  • lower blood pressure
  • better cholesterol profile
  • higher energy levels
  • reduce body fat
  • better cardiac output
  • an increase in muscle mass
  • greater immune system functions
  • enhance sexual performance
  • stronger bones
  • younger looking skin
  • regrowth in hair removal of wrinkles 

HGH helps remarkably with fat mobilization and health & healing properties. It's used quite often in medical purposes to aid in the healing process and to help individuals who are recovering from surgery


Most people take doses around 2 to 3 IU’s each day to improve their overall body composition and to gain lean muscle

4-8 IU’s each day will bring amazing results when it comes to gaining muscle and improving overall exercise performance

Most people usually keep their doses around 4 to 5 ius for training purposes.

The storage temperature of Nurotropin usually stands at around 2 to 8°C. Include bacteriostatic water in order to take this medication.

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  1. Mike



    Good customer service,third party lab testing,fast shipping.Real and properly dosed HGH.Good domestic source


    real deal

  2. Matt



    I got my GH results after using Nurotropin for a couple of days. Bought this kit from Muscle-Gear in January.
    7.2 ng/mL after getting a 5IU shot 2 hours later, fasting in the morning. I did test at Private Lab in Toronto.

    I did not have any tunnel syndrome but my hands and feet are swollen now and even hurt sometimes when working out with heavy weights. My body fat is slowly but surely going down. I believe in the next months (months 4 to 6) is when i will see better results since i started using it in February.

    There are tons of fake Growth Hormone around, but this NUROTROPIN from Muscle-gear is legit!


    Authentic HGH

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