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Testolone - RAD140 (Muscle Mass) 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

Testolone - RAD140 (Muscle Mass) 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

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RAD-140 is a non-steroidal SARM considered one of the best SARMs for muscle mass and strength increase.Rad-140 provides the same results and benefits as AAS but with no side effects.

  • Fast muscle mass increase
  • Substantial strength, endurance, and speed increase
  • Increases muscle hardness and density
  • Documented neuroprotective benefits
  • Highly selective in muscle tissues and does not affect the prostate
  • Increases workouts intensity and speeds up recovery

Administration: 10-30mg/day
Stack with: Ibutamoren, Ligandrol, Cardarine

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NEO sarms - RAD-140/Testolone General Description

Testolone (known under the lab code Rad-140 and the brand name Radarine) is a drug of the selective androgen receptor modulators group from a new generation of sports pharmacology, which does not exhibit adverse reactions to the prostate and is comparable in action to anabolic -androgenic substances or prohormones. The drug is used to rapidly build up muscle, increase endurance, speed performance and strength during high-intensity training. Belonging to the “new generation” of pharmacology means that the drug exhibits greater selectivity in relation to muscles and less potent androgenic reactions in comparison with other SARMs.

As scientific studies have shown, Testolone acts faster than anabolic steroids, which is one of its main advantages. Rad-140 is used not only in sports – the active agent has a neuroprotective effect, which has been shown to be effective during the treatment of neurological diseases and age-related loss of muscle volume. Testolone was originally created for use in bodybuilding, unlike other SARMs. It is used to replace testosterone and has a similar principle of action, but without negative effects.

NEO sarms - RAD-140/Testolone Benefits

Testolone affects the body almost like testosterone, but the drug is characterized by a stronger anabolic index than the male sex hormone. The use of the drug minimizes the androgenic adverse reactions provoked by testosterone to the prostate gland, which allows users to safely take substances based on the synthetic male sex hormone. The active component is considered potentially selective, stimulating muscle gain at lower dosages than the doses needed to produce the increase in prostate weight.

Apoxar Rad-140 is used to quickly increase muscle volume, endurance, strength and speed. Testolone has virtually no effect on the reduction of body fat, so it is impractical to use it for fat burning. With an increase in dosages, the effectiveness of the drug potentially increases, but the dose should not exceed the recommended one. The main advantages of the drug over steroids include:

  • no side effects;
  • no enlargement of the prostate;
  • high selectivity for muscle tissue.

Apoxar Testolone does not have a toxic effect on the liver, does not lead to an imbalance in hormonal levels and does not affect the functioning of the reproductive system. The main positive effects of using the drug include:

  • rapid increase in muscle mass;
  • improved speed performance;
  • increased endurance;
  • improved strength;
  • increased muscle density;
  • insignificant reduction in body fat;
  • stronger bones;
  • potent neuroprotective effect.

Testolone is not considered an anabolic-androgenic steroid, but its effect is identical to that of testosterone. The ratio of the anabolic-androgenic index of the active agent is 90:1 (this is the highest among selective androgen receptors modulators), for testosterone this ratio is 1:1.

Rad-140 is one of the most effective drugs in sports that were created in the last few years, with minimal adverse reactions. Recently, the drug has become commonly used in neurology – the neuroprotective effect of the drug ensures the healthy state of neurons and combats neurodegenerative diseases. Testolone guarantees protection against neural degeneration and cell destruction, therefore it is advisable to use it in medical practice for stroke patients and people with Alzheimer's.

Rad-140 can be used for the treatment of cancer. Its action does not directly affect the therapy of such diseases, but acts on muscle tissue, which eliminates muscle loss. The main field of application of the drug is bodybuilding, where athletes use it to improve performance and maintain muscle gain and increase existing muscles.

NEO sarms - RAD-140/Testolone Possible Side Effects

In clinical practice, the drug does not exhibit adverse reactions. Testolone is a safe and effective substance in comparison with anabolic agents and prohormones. One of the possible adverse reactions from using the drug is the inhibition of the production of natural testosterone over a long cycle. This effect is often observed in situations where athletes exceed the duration of the cycle by 10 weeks, or when using exceeded dosages. In such a case, it is advisable to conduct a full-fledged PCT at the end of the cycle.

NEO sarms - RAD-140/Testolone Administration and Dosage

For an increase in muscle volume, the dosage of the drug varies depending on the weight of the athlete:

  • if the athlete weighs up to 80 kg, the daily dosage of Testolon is 10 mg (one capsule), the cycle should last 6-12 weeks;
  • athletes weighing more than 80 kg should use 20 mg of the drug daily (2 capsules), the duration of the cycle is 8-12 weeks.

The half-life of the active agent is 16-18 hours. The daily dosage should be taken at a time in the morning after eating. For better muscle gain, it is necessary to increase the consumption of protein (3 g of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight). Users shouldn’t neglect intense training. The drug is characterized by a slight androgenic effect on the human body, so women can safely use Testolone without the risk of virilescence.

NEO sarms - RAD-140/Testolone Combined Cycles

Testolone does not suppress the production of natural testosterone in the body at normal dosages, so post-cycle therapy is rarely required after use. Sometimes, accelerated recovery of the body may require the use of mild testosterone boosters. Rad-140 can be perfectly combined with other SARMs like Ibutamoren, Ligandrol, Cardarine and the popular GHRP-2, GHRP-6 and IGF-1 LR3 peptides.

Brand: NeoSARMS

Substance: RAD-140 - Testolone

Dosage and packing: 10mg/50tabs

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