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Oral Steroids

Oral steroids - usually tablets or apsuls are easy and convenient to administer and deliver incredibly noticeable results – helping users to enjoy greater gains in less time! Main advantage of orals is avoiding the discomfort of painful injections.

  • Buy Primobolan Apoxar Canada Steroids

    Primobolan Tabs 20mg/50tabs - Apoxar

    Oral Primobolan is considered to be one of the mildest steroids. Methenolone was manufactured to provide good anabolic properties while avoiding the manifestation of side effects.

    • Usage: Men 50-100 mg/day
    • Cycle Duration: 8-12 weeks for optimal results 
    • Aromatization: No.
    • Post Cycle Therapy: No.
    • Stack With: Anavar 40-60mg/day for cutting 

    Increases Strength

    Improves Sex Drive

    Muscle Gains


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Oral Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic Steroids have been around for over 60 years now. First compounds were suitable for desperate souls only - they demanded a wide gauge needle. In the beginning, it was literally "no pain - no gain". Nowadays, you can take oral steroids in pills, just like your regular painkillers.

Oral Steroids Benefits

  1. You don't need to deal with syringes, needles, bacteriostatic water, and so on. The process of administration couldn't be more convenient;

  2. You eliminate multiple risks at once. Let's face it, most of us are not medical school graduates, and no athlete has ever thought, "Boy, I need to take courses before I give myself injections". Even though it's a relatively easy process, you still can hit a major blood vessel, get an infection, or miss the right spot;

  3. You get exactly what you need. Reconstitution and mixing compounds in the right proportion can be challenging, especially when you're new to it. With oral steroids, you can take precisely the dosage that is needed for your cycle.

Oral Steroids Difference From Injectables

The one most people know about is liver damage because of the so-called 17-alpha-alkylation. It's a process that makes the compound resistant to your liver's natural filter. Otherwise, the substances would dissolve in a matter of minutes with no effects at all.

17-alpha-alkylated compounds are mildly toxic and require either additional liver protectors in your cycle.

Liver damage is the most infamous, but not the only downside of oral steroids. Two other details that you should know about are:

  • Slightly decreased bioavailability - that's why oral dosages are typically bigger than injectable ones. Some part of the active compound gets lost in your digestive system before reaching the blood flow and the targeted area.

  • Timing - it's essential not to take your oral steroids 1 hour before and 1 hour after a meal. Active substances in tablets can react to fats in your meal and become ineffective.

Oral Anabolic Steroids Effects

Injectable and oral steroids have mostly the same positive effects: muscle growth, strength gains, endurance boost, etc. Additional positive effects are not "oral steroids-only," but they just occur more often with tablets.

  • Vascularity - rock-hard veins pop out if you’re under ~12% body fat;

  • Pumping effect - exploding muscles during the workout, and a "full" look outside the gym;

  • Fat loss - some anecdotal reports describe the process as "melting" of fat tissue. At the same time, due to anti-catabolic processes, you don't lose any muscle mass and get the "dry" look by the end of the cycle;

  • Muscle hardness - you don't just look hardcore, you're also hard to the touch. Dry and hard muscles make your cycle "quality over quantity" style and look better than a water-filled bloated body that you can get with some injectables.

Most Popular Oral Anabolic Steroids

In Canada, you can get dozens of authentic oral steroids by multiple high-quality laboratories. While some of them are available in an injectable form, oral tablets are way more popular:


The active compound is Oxandrolone. It's one of the mildest oral steroids on the market. Due to low androgenic activity, it's a rare example of a female-friendly steroid. Anavar doses for women are just significantly smaller.

The primary use of Anavar is polishing the gains after a hardcore cycle. Nothing gives your muscle the same hard look, with zero to none side effects.


A bit cheaper rival of Anavar. It can be used in a cycle both as a finisher and as a plateau breaker. Winstrol (aka Winnie) is one of the most popular orals out there, even though it is known to cause joint pain in high dosage. 


The most potent oral steroid that you can run in a long cycle, but it's mainly used as a Kickstarter. It's comparable to injectables in terms of muscle gains and strength boost. Even though Dianabol (or just D-bol) can give you significant results alone, it's important to add a testosterone base to it. Otherwise, you can get shut down in no time.

In general, oral steroids are not that different from injectables: take them responsibly, don’t abuse, and you’ ll be OK. The only major advantage, that is crucial for many athletes, is a convenient administration

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