Novo-Pharm Primobolan - Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/ml

Brand: Novo-pharm, Canada

Substance: Methenolone Enanthate

Dosage and packing: 100mg/ml (10mL)

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Novo-pharm Methenolone Enanthate is one of the safest steroids. It won’t produce high amounts of gained muscle mass, but the muscles will be of high quality and users won’t lose almost any of it after the drug cycle is over.



Novo-pharm Primobolan - Methenolone Enanthate General Description

Primobolan is an anabolic steroid medication and a derivative of dihydrotestosterone with an average androgenic index and a mild anabolic impact. The efficacy of the drug is often compared to Masteron's. Primobolan Depot is the drug's injectable form; the active agent is metenolone enanthate's long ester. Due to the gradual release of the active agent into the bloodstream, the injection solution is characterized by a long period of activity – about 14 days. Seeing an injectable steroid that has a short half-life of up to 2 days on sale is a rare sight. Primobolan Depot's duration of action is similar to that of testosterone enanthate. The drug's main drawback is the painful intramuscular injections.

Novo-pharm Primobolan Benefits

Primobolan's anabolic effect is quite mild, as opposed to Deca. The steroid is ideal for cutting when the goal of the athlete is not to increase the volume of the muscle but to maintain the muscle obtained. Metenolone causes minor setbacks, but this is not the safest muscle building alternative for this steroid. The anabolic agent has a wide range of effects, primarily:
• high-quality muscle gain – a long ester ensures a slow process of muscle fiber growth;
• excretion of excess fluid from the muscles and the body – this effect is caused by zero retention of water;
• blocked destruction of muscle fibers;
• vascularity, increased muscle definition;
• reduced excess fat;
• better strength performance.
Primobolan does not tend to be converted into estrogens, which is the main advantage of the anabolic agent. The steroid can be used without the risks of fluid retention, swelling and gynecomastia. The active agent does not cause an increase in the blood level of bad cholesterol. Blood pressure is not impaired by the drug. Low androgenic effects do not cause athletes to lose their hair.

Novo-pharm Primobolan Possible Side Effects

Primobolan is characterized by a reduction in the body's natural male sex hormone production. Compared to testosterone and nandrolone, the inhibitory effect is not so pronounced. Research have shown that a typical cycle of Primobolan results in a 50% reduction in testosterone production by the active agent. This property is observed at high dosages in long cycles. In such cases, chorion gonadotrophic hormone must be added from the second week of the cycle, otherwise testicular atrophy can occur. Metenolone rarely causes adverse reactions in the form of increased aggression, insomnia, heightened irritation, increased concentration of liver enzymes in the body (manifested at high dosages). A small number of adverse reactions and negative effects make Primobolan one of the best anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Novo-pharm Primobolan Administration and Dosage

Athletes use Primobolan specifically for cutting, body definition and muscle protection. The steroid's mild action requires an extended use of up to 8 weeks. However, prolonging the cycle for more than 8 weeks results in a significant increase in the risk of developing adverse reactions. Primobolan Depot should be used for beginners at 400 mg once a week, while experienced athletes may increase the dose to 1000 mg per week. PCT starts after 3 weeks.
Athletes use Clenbuterol for better definition of the body at the end of the steroid cycle. It maintains muscle density and tougher definition, prevents muscle tissue catabolism and maintains strength and stamina. Antiestrogens such as Novo-pharm Clomid, Novo-pharm Nolvadex must be used during post-cycle therapy. PCT medications can be combined with testosterone boosters and supplements for sports – Tribulus, meat, gainers and others.
Due to its low androgenic activity, Primobolan can be used by female athletes without fear of manifesting virilization. In this case, 50-100 mg of the injectable drug is used once a week.

Novo-pharm Primobolan Combined Cycles

Primobolan is often mixed with other steroid medications because of its weak anabolic impact. The combined scheme can look the following depending on the end goal:
• For leaner muscle – Winstrol + Primobolan. 400 of Primobolan per week and 40 mg of Winstrol daily.
• For increased muscle growth – Primobolan + Testosterone. It’s possible to use testosterone enanthate at 250 mg weekly or 50 mg of propionate daily. Primobolan is used at 400 mg per week.
• For gaining muscle mass – Primobolan + Nandrolone. This is the safest cycle with excellent preservation of the obtained muscle volume. 200 mg of Nandrolone and 400 mg of Primobolan are taken weekly.
There should be no more than 2 steroid drugs in the combined cycle. The combined intake duration is 6 weeks without using HCG. Steroids supplement Primobolan in any combination cycle and enhance its effect.

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