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Apoxar Test Suspension Oil Based - Testobase - 100mg/mL

Apoxar Test Suspension Oil Based - Testobase - 100mg/mL


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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Testosterone

Dosage and packing: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)

Testosterone Base - Testobase 100mg/mL - oil based version of Testosterone Suspension. The drug starts its action on the very first day of usage.

  • Usage: 50-100mg/day
  • Cycle Duration: 4-6 weeks for optimal results 
  • Aromatization: Yes. Requires Letrozole - 2,5 mg - each other day during the cycle
  • Post Cycle Therapy: Nolvadex 20-40mg/day for 3-4 weeks
  • Stack With: Nandrolone or Boldenone 300-600mg/week to get maximum muscle mass

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