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Testosterone Acetate 100mg/ml - Apoxar

Testosterone Acetate 100mg/ml - Apoxar

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Testosterone is the most solid and well-researched way to increase your muscle mass, strength and sexual performance.

  • Usage: Inject 200-400mg twice a week
  • Cycle Duration: 8-12 weeks for optimal results 
  • Aromatization: Yes. Requires Letrozole 2.5mg each other day during the cycle
  • Post Cycle Therapy: Nolvadex 40mg/day for 2 weeks, then 20mg/day for another 2 weeks
  • Stack With: Dianabol (for bulking), Winstrol (for lean muscle)

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Testosterone Acetate 100mg


Testosterone Acetate is an androgenic-anabolic steroid, a single ester testosterone compound. It is fast-acting and therefore requires more frequent injections than Cypionate or Enanthate versions. Testosterone itself is a versatile steroid, which can be used alone or as a base of a cycle with other steroids. Because Testosterone is a synthetic version of the natural hormone produced by the body, it is very well-tolerated by most men and suitable for beginners. 


Test Ace has numerous traits that are extremely beneficial for male health. These positive effects are possible due to the main Testosterone functions: 

  • Enhanced protein synthesis is what helps the muscles grow, repair, and recover. 
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention prevents catabolism and creates a highly anabolic environment, in which your body gains muscle mass easier. 
  • Increased red blood cell count also helps achieve anabolism in the body, and is critical for your endurance and recovery. 
  • Increased IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) production can bring about so many positive changes in the body, including fat loss, mass gain, improved recovery, and endurance. 
  • Inhibition of Glucocorticoid hormones, or stress hormones, is important for achieving a bodybuilder’s goals. The thing is that these hormones can promote muscle wasting and fat gain, which is the opposite of what any athlete or bodybuilder wants. 

As you can see, Test Ace is a do-all steroid that will suit any purpose and any user. It’s a basic compound, which is very rarely left out. It is also a fast-acting steroid, so you’ll see the results shortly after the start of the cycle, and it will leave the body quickly as well. Because of a short half-life and frequent injections, you’ll be able to keep optimal blood levels of the hormone. 


There are several ways of using Test Ace, and one of them is as a supporting compound to prevent suppression caused by other anabolic steroids. If this is your goal, using 25mg-75mg each other day will be sufficient. If you want to run experience the effects to the fullest, the dosage of 100mg each other day is commonly used. The most experienced users can go up to 200mg a day or every other day, but this will greatly increase the risk of side effects. Normally, the cycle length is around 8-12 weeks but it can be longer, depending on the purpose and whether you use other steroids in a stack. 


The side effects of Testosterone are quite common for an experienced bodybuilder, and manageable even for a novice user. These are the areas that you have to pay attention to: 

  • Estrogenic - Testosterone easily converts into estrogen, causing gynecomastia and water retention. If you use Test to combat natural testosterone suppression at low doses, then you probably won’t have to worry about these effects, but if the dosage is higher than 100mg, you may need to use anti-estrogenic drugs. However, some sensitive individuals may need to use anti-estrogens even with low doses of Test. 
  • Androgenic - Hair loss, acne, and oily skin are possible in predisposed individuals. The whole risk will highly depend on your genetics, so if you’ve never had acne before, you’re unlikely to have the issue now. 
  • Cardiovascular - Testosterone has a negative impact on HDL levels (good cholesterol), so a healthy lifestyle is crucial during the use of the compound. Cholesterol-friendly diet, regular cardiovascular activity, restricted consumption of alcohol, and so on — all of these will determine your results and well-being throughout and after the cycle. 
  • Natural testosterone suppression - Just like all the other steroids, Test Ace will suppress testosterone production, so a PCT plan is required. It will help your natural testosterone function get back to normal faster and ensure that the gains are retained.


  1. Beginner / Only cycle - For a beginner, the best way is to use Test Ace alone as the main compound. A suitable dosage is 100mg injected every other day for 8-10 weeks. You can use it either for cutting or bulking purposes, the final result will be largely determined by your diet and workout regime. 
  2. Combinations with other steroids - You can stack Testosterone with literally every steroid out there, but in most cases, it will be a supportive compound to reduce the suppression. Here are a few examples of the cycles: 
  • Testosterone Acetate — Dianabol Cycle Week 1-12: 100mg Test Ace each other day Week 1-6: 20-30mg Dianabol daily This is a basic cycle, suitable for beginners and still used by veteran users. Dianabol is added to enhance mass gain, but you can add other compounds, for example, Anavar at 30-50mg per day at the end of the cutting cycle. 
  • Testosterone Acetate — Nanrolone Phenylpropionate — Anadrol Cycle Week 1-4: 50mg Anadrol daily Week 1-10: 200mg Nandrolone Phenylpropionate each other day Week 1-12: 200mg Test Ace each other day This stack for more experienced users will help with mass gain and strength. The use of an aromatase inhibitor (AI) is advised with this cycle. 
  • Testosterone Acetate — Trenbolone Acetate — Masteron Cycle Week 1-8: 200mg Test Ace each other day Week 3-8: 100mg Tren Ace e. o. d. Week 5-8: 100mg Masteron e. o. d. Week 9-12: 100mg Test Ace e. o. d. | 200mg Tren Ace e. o. d. |200mg Masteron e. o. d. A perfect cutting stack for advanced users. A hardened physique and enhanced fat loss are the main results of the cycle. The use of an AI is highly recommended.


A post cycle therapy plan is required after any steroid cycle, including Test Ace, even when running it alone. After you stop the usage of the steroids, your natural testosterone function slowly gets back to normal. It does so gradually, with the risk of muscle loss. That’s why we need to implement a PCT: to help your system recover faster, and prevent muscle loss, as the stress hormones can become dominant in the body. 

A common PCT protocol includes using Clomid or Nolvadex for 3-5 weeks. Example: 

  • Week 1-2: 100mg Clomid daily / 40mg Nolva daily 
  • Week 3-4: 50mg Clomid daily/ 20mg Nolva daily


Testosterone Acetate is a basic steroid that will suit any purpose, any user, and stack with any steroid available, while can be successfully used alone. You can’t imagine a cycle that does not include some form of Test nowadays, right? The Acetate ester is very fast-acting, which allows you to maintain stable blood levels of the hormone, but all in all, the effects are just the same as from the other Test esters. 

While being tremendously beneficial, helping you gain mass, lose fat, and increase your performance, Testosterone is also very well-tolerated by nearly any healthy man.

Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Testosterone

Dosage and packing: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)

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