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Hair, Skin & Sleep

Anabolic steroids are hormonal, so while taking them, you should consider side effects, like hair loss, acne, and insomnia. Products to prevent and treat such conditions presented in this category.

  • Testosterone Gel 25mg/g (50g) Cream - Innovagen

    Testosterone Gel 25mg/g (50g) Cream - Innovagen

    Testo Gel is a fast-acting transdermal compound that increases testosterone levels. It is an FDA-approved treatment for testosterone deficiency, with a documented success ratio of more than 90%.

    • Elevates testosterone levels
    • Significantly increases libido and sex drive
    • Strong and long-lasting erections
    • Increases strength and energy levels
    • Improves body composition
    • Motivation, mood, and self-esteem uplift

    Administration: Apply on clean and dry skin of the abdomen, shoulders, and upper arms, preferably in the morning.
    Safety: After application, wash your hands and cover the application sites to avoid testosterone transfer to a female partner.

    Increases Strength

    Improves Sex Drive

    Muscle Gains


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