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Bromonordiazepam (Desalkylgidazepam) 3mg 30tabs - Innovagen

Bromonordiazepam (Desalkylgidazepam) 3mg 30tabs - Innovagen

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Group: Gidazepam derivative. Used: to treat several neurological conditions, including insomnia and anxiety.
Effects: Bromonordiazepam ensures that the whole body relaxes and reduces anxiety.
Research has shown that Bromonordiazepam has a half-life of about 3.5 hours and has an effect about 6 times stronger than diazepam.
The effect of Bromonordiazepam starts after 30-60 minutes, has a peak after 3-4 hours, and the effect usually lasts for 6-8 hours.
The mechanism of its action is not determined, but it is suggested to be an antagonist of platelet activating (PAF) receptors in the brain.
Dose: 1 tablet per day.

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Bromonordiazepam (Desalkylgidazepam) 3mg 30tabs - Innovagen

Dosage and packing: 3mg/30tabs

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