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Diuretics & Liver

Products presented in this category used for cycle support and protection of internal organs and systems. Avoid high blood pressure issues, protest liver from steroid toxicity and decrease water retention when necessary.

  • TUDCA 250mg/25caps - Pharmacy Grade

    TUDCA 250mg/25caps - Pharmacy Grade

    TUDCA is tauroursodeoxycholic acid used to treat gallstones, liver or biliary cirrhosis and is considered a vital liver protectant. It supports healthy liver function and keeps healthy cholesterol levels.


    • Liver protectant
    • Liver rehabilitation
    • Eliminates and decreases metabolites toxicity from the liver
    • Supports the bile flow
    • Supports healthy cholesterol levels

    A must-have on cycle support with hepatotoxic compounds
    Safety: TUDCA is a safe compound with no reported side effects.

    Increases Strength

    Improves Sex Drive

    Muscle Gains


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At Muscle Gear Store original and quality diuretics can be found. Diuretics, also infamously known as water pill is a substance which promotes urine excretion from the body. Most famous use of Diuretics is controlling high blood pressure. However it is not limited to this and several other conditions are also treated. 

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