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YK11 - 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

YK11 - 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

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  • The main and most obvious benefit of this drug is muscle growth.

  • The muscles will also be dry and lean, with no water retention.

  • Some of the potential benefits include fat loss, increased bone strength, and improved recovery.

  • It may also increase bone mineral density, making your bones stronger.

  • Usage: 10-15 mg/day

  • Duration: 8-12 weeks
  • PCT doesn't required

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NEO Sarms YK-11


YK-11 is a steroidal SARM, one of the newest out there. It was introduced only in 2011, and therefore has 

few scientifically proven effects and health impacts. Nevertheless, it drew much attention in the 

bodybuilding circles thanks to its impressive mass gain ability. That’s why the main source of information 

about the drug’s use and effects is taken from the personal experience of its users.  

This drug is a partial agonist of the androgen receptors; some call it a hybrid of a SARM and steroid, and it’s 

already thought to be one of the most effective SARMs for muscle growth. A highly anabolic compound, 

YK-11 is known to build lean muscles without fluid retention and help with fat loss, making it a great 

alternative to anabolic steroids.  


YK-11 is now on the early stage of studies, and there's a lot we don’t know about it. We can rely on 

anecdotal evidence of those who use it, though.  

The main and most obvious benefit of this drug is muscle growth. You will surely build a lot of lean muscle 

mass, which can be as much as 10 pounds in an 8-week cycle. This is somewhere near the gains of steroids. 

The muscles will also be dry and lean, with no water retention.  

Some of the potential benefits include fat loss, increased bone strength, and improved recovery. Even if 

YK-11 doesn’t directly promote lipolysis, it can do so by improving metabolism and promoting muscle 

growth. The more muscles we have the better metabolism works. It may also increase bone mineral density, 

making your bones stronger.  


A perfect dose of YK-11 is considered to be 15mg a day. You can start lower, with 5-10mg, and increase the 

dose after a week or two to understand how your body reacts to the drug. It’s not recommended to go 

higher than 15mg daily as long as we know so little about possible side effects. Women can take 0.5-2mg a 

day, and this will bring great results.  

YK-11 has a short half-life of around 6-10 hours. This means you’ll have to split the daily dose into two or 

three administrations to have the best results.  

The cycle length ranges from 8 to 12 weeks as a maximum.  


Though some people think that SARMs do not bring about any side effects, that’s not entirely true. 

Reportedly, YK-11 causes some negative effects but they are very mild. Actually, the most concerning thing 

about this drug is the lack of data, which makes it kind of a mysterious compound.  

One of the side effects can include aggression, especially if you’re prone to temperamental behavior. 

Anyways, it should fade in about a week. Dropping the dose is what can help to control anger better.  

Mild androgenic effects, like acne and hair loss, may happen, but usually with high doses. If you’re 


predisposed to balding, you should be careful and start at a lower dosage.  

Liver toxicity and joint pain can be an issue if a dose is higher and the cycle is longer than recommended. 

There were few reports about these side effects, so the majority of users don’t have to worry about them.  

No estrogenic side effects were reported, so gyno and water retention are offside. Testosterone levels can 

be mildly suppressed, especially if stacked with other compounds. Again, do not exceed the recommended 

daily dosage and cycle duration, and start low to evaluate your body’s reaction. You will probably have 

other individual effects, which can be easily eliminated by reducing the dosage.  


YK-11 is a powerful mass gain compound, though it can be also used during a cutting phase. This will help 

retain existing muscles and achieve a lean, tucked up look. Here you have a few samples of YK-11 cycles. 

●Solo cycle 

Start low, with 5-10mg, and then increase the dose to a maximum of 15mg in a week or two. Run 

the cycle for 8-12 weeks. Even without any other compounds added, you will gain a lot of muscle 

mass, up to 15 pounds in a cycle.  


RAD-140 — YK-11 Cycle 

Cycle length: 8 weeks 

15mg Testolone daily | 10mg YK-11 daily  

During this cycle, you will gain dry muscles fast and boost your strength. You can add one more 

compound, for example, Ligandrol, to get even more impressive results. 

LGD4033 — RAD-140 — YK-11 Cycle 

Cycle length: 6-8 weeks  

10-15mg Ligandrol daily | 10mg Testolone daily | 10-15mg YK-11 


For a successful cutting stack, choose a second compound that has potent fat burn abilities, such as 

S4 or Ostarine. 

GW601516 — YK-11 Cycle 

10mg Cardarine daily | 5mg YK-11 daily  

With this stack, you will promote fat loss, preserve muscles, maybe even gain a little mass. You will 

achieve a hardening, toned physique. 


Now, the post cycle therapy question is a little tricky. Some say it’s unnecessary because your testosterone 

levels won’t be suppressed that much. But even if the suppression is mild, it still will be more significant 

than with weaker SARMs; it can lead to fatigue, fat gain, and muscle loss at the end of the cycle. Until you 

see these symptoms, it’s strongly advised to implement a mini PCT for 4 weeks using Nolvadex. It will help 

your body recover and keep gains after the cycle.  


When will I see the results? 

Weight gains will become noticeable in two weeks, but you will feel the first changes in just a few days after 

you start a cycle.  

Can women use it? 

Women can use this SARM just as safe as men. YK-11 has very mild androgenic effects, so a female user is 

very unlikely to notice any masculinization symptoms. The dosage should start from about 0.5mg and not 

exceed 2mg.  

Is PCT required? 

YK-11 can cause a moderate level of suppression, and it increases with the dosage and cycle length. Besides, 

it also depends on individual sensibility to the compound and varies from user to user. This drug is one of 

the strongest SARMs, so it’s highly recommended to run a simple PCT for at least 3-4 weeks to prevent 

health problems and loss of your gains.   

Is YK11 a steroid? 

YK11 is a SARM, but a steroidal SARM. This means that it is similar to a steroid hormone DHT 

(dihydrotestosterone), but it targets only specific androgen receptors in muscle and bone, as all SARMs do.  

Is it safe? 

This SARM can’t be called a safe drug because it’s not approved for human use and is still being researched, 

meaning that we don’t know a full range of its functions, traits, and side effects. In terms of side effects, 

YK11 users have reported some unpleasant symptoms, but they are all relatively mild. All in all, this 

compound can only be used at your own risk, so it’s better to stick to a recommended dosage and cycle 


What is YK 11 used for? 

YK-11 is an ideal bulking compound that will let you get impressive gains even when used alone. While its 

main usage is muscle growth, it can also be added to a cutting cycle as a muscle retention compound. It has 

no use in medicine, as it is still undergoing clinical studies.  


YK-11 is a very promising SARM, which is thought to be the most powerful of all SARMs so far in terms of 

mass gain. It’s important to keep in mind the fact that this drug is little investigated, and we don’t know for 

sure what its main effects and functions are.  

Taking YK-11 alone for the first time will help you evaluate the results and monitor individual reactions. 

Starting with a lower dose is recommended to reduce the risk of negative effects. It’s also very important to purchase a quality product because now the market is full of counterfeits, which may spoil your health badly. 

Brand: NeoSARMS

Substance: YK-11

Dosage and packing: 10mg/50 tabs

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