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Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg/2ml - Norma Hellas

Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg/2ml - Norma Hellas


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Norma Deca is an anabolic steroid. It is considered to be one of the drugs of the highest quality when it comes to muscle mass growth and exceptional strength improvements.


  • Extreme Strength
  • Increase Endurance
  • Reduces Recovery Time
  • Pre-Workout
  • Usage: Inject 300-800mg once a week
  • Cycle Duration: 8-12 weeks for optimal results 
  • Aromatization: No, but may increase prolactin level and cause gynecomastia. So, use with Caber. 0.5-1 mg twice a week, 8-10 weeks
  • Post Cycle Therapy: Clomid 100mg/day for 2 weeks, then 50mg/day for another 2 weeks
  • Stack With: Winnstrol for lean muscle or Testosterone Enanthate/Sustanon for bulking

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Classification – Anabolic Steroid
Active Life – 6-7 days
Dosage – 300-600mg a week
Aromatization – Minimal
Water Retention – High

Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) It is an anabolic steroid, which is chemically related to the male hormone testosterone. It has an increased anabolic and decreased androgenic activity in contrast to testosterone. Deca 200 is considered to be a classic drug for muscle bulk gain. It slightly retains water in the muscles, due to a significant increase in muscle mass. In addition, due to its slow release (6-7 days), it is often prescribed for long cycles and works well with other steroids.
It is also used to treat postoperative muscle loss, osteoporosis, breast cancer, malnutrition, burns, and some types of anemia.

Deca Benefits

Of course, such a well-known and widely used steroid in bodybuilding has many advantages, let's take a closer look at them. It provides the following effects on the body:

  • Weight gain - this substance will perfectly cope with this task. When used correctly, it will kick in within two weeks and provide a good set of muscles with minimal rollback phenomenon after the cycle. Also, used by many athletes during breaks or off-season to get ready for the upcoming competition and stay in top shape.
  • Large gains in lean muscle mass - this is one of the main reasons why users choose Deca. It is excellent at promoting significant gains in lean muscle mass when combined with a diet high in calories (which promotes muscle gain, not fat)
  • Rapid muscle recovery - when using the Deca 300, your body receives more energy and strength, which encourages you to train even more and harder, as a result of which the best results are guaranteed. This is due to increased cortisol levels, which handles the faster recovery of your body from stress or injury.
  • Increase bone density - By increasing the level of collagen synthesis, it replenishes the mineral reserves of bone, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. From time to time during workouts, there is a possibility of pulling the ligaments, or injuring a muscle or tendon, but thanks to the additional analgesic effect and rapid tissue repair, you can minimize these actions.
  • Increases the number of red blood cells and boosts testosterone - thereby increasing the supply of oxygen to your organs and tissue cells, which increases the time and quality of their work. This way you have the opportunity to train for longer periods of time, without feeling tired or slightly tired.

Nandrolone Decanoate Administration

Deca is injected intramuscularly into the gluteus muscle. Use 22g-22g syringes with needle 1-1.5 inch long for intramuscular injections. The substance is injected once a week. The dosages will differ depending on your goal and experience in sports.
The standard dosage of Deca is 200-300 mg per week, however 400 mg is considered the most effective dose for obtaining the best results while maintaining control of side effects.
More advanced users will increase their dosage to 500, 600 or even 800 mg per week for the most extreme results. Remember that exceeding the recommended dose of a substance increases the risk of side effects.

Possible Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

With the correct dosage and PCT, no side effects should occur. However, sometimes it is possible:

  • pain at the injection site
  • fluid retention (swelling of the ankles or feet)
  • acne, rash
  • liver dysfunction - use UDCA then
  • increased or decreased sex drive
  • enlargement of the penis
  • testicular atrophy
  • difficulty urinating (prostate growth)

Use Clomid, Winstrol, or Cabergoline to combat side effects. It is also recommended to include the following substances on PCT:
PCT is an important part after going through any steroid cycle. If your cycle is longer than 8 weeks, start using Chorionic Gonadotropin at 4-5 weeks of your cycle. Take 500 mg 2 times a week.
To suppress progestin activity, use Cabergoline 0.5 tablets (0.25 mg) twice a week after a cycle.
Do not use Tamoxifen on PCT, as it increases the sensitivity of progestin receptors.

Popular Deca Q&A

When does Deka start working?
This is a slow-acting drug and should be administered once a week. Therefore, this steroid is more suitable for long cycles, such as 12-14 weeks (sometimes 16), is quite optimal. During this time, you will see a steady and clean increase in mass that does not come or disappear suddenly.

Does Deca-Durabolin cause water retention?
In general, Deca does slightly increase estrogen levels, which can lead to water retention. However, using a moderate dose and following a good quality diet will help you avoid this.
If you experience this effect, use anti-estrogen drugs, or SERM (eg Clomid) would be ideal.

How long is a Deca cycle?
The duration of using Deca will depend on the purpose of its use. Typically, a standard cycle of a substance lasts about 12-14 weeks, sometimes 16.
This drug is intended for long-term use, so be sure to have a PCT after completing your cycle.

Brand: Pharmacy Grade

Substance: Nandrolone

Dosage and packing: 200 mg/vial (2 ml)

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